Cecilia Munoz

Cecilia Munoz

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I learned that it is important to know the recievers best way of learning. That it is best to use methods for the different type of learner, verbal, written and demo.  It is important to help the employee through the process of learning.  

I learned that formal training is important, that employees need encouragement to complete the formal training and apply what they learned in formal training.

I learned that my boss has same feelings like the rest and that respect is better then always being right. I learned that patience pays off. This acitivity helped me view my boss's perpective, that my boss has a lot on her plate everyday and it is not possible to always be perfect.  Much Grace is needed.  

I learned that ethical behaviors in the work place are important and that the behaviors of each employee has an impact on others not  just the individual employee.

I agree with Rita. It is better to work through the issues that concern us then to run from them. It is good to find mentors in the company to help us have a wider view of the issues.

I have always treated every student as an individual and have respected their cultures and language. Every student is a precious human being. I worked in the field 40+ years and I have always not allowed my biases to interfere with my patient care and so it is as an Instructor. Every student has a right to be successful and it is my job to get them there. My record proves that this is so. 


I learned how important it is for all staff to be involved in communication with the Student. As an instructor I make myself availble to my students almost 24/7. Some students have no home support and need that extra TLC support system. I would like to see more of the staff involved in calling students that sre struggling, so that as a group we are a strong support system for students.   


I think the tools offered here ill be extremely helpful to evaluate student performance. 


To be consistant with grading or assessments the Rubric is the best. Student self assessment is the best way for the student to truly understand how they are doing in the class. It aslo helps the instructor how to approach methods of helping the student improve.



i learned how important the Syllabus is to both the instructor and the student. It is important to stress to the student how important this syllabus is for them to get an overview of the class and that it helps them stay on track.


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