Donna Duncan

Donna Duncan

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It is important to let them know you will monitor and follow up with each student so they know you stand by your word.  It lets them know you are supporting them and are there to help them


Placement department plays a big part in retention students should be reminded about what their role is so they can always get ideas of the work after school


making the student feel important and that they belong plays a big part in them wanting to be in school. 


Mentoring plays a big role in helping students be sucessful.  if they have one they can come to you to help them talk about issues or successes they have had.  It helps them feel more connected to the school


The more you build the a report with the students the better their experience will be


Allow students to meet instructors before they start as well as getting to meet each other and possibly exchange numbers is helpful


bulid some structure to the orientation and have some fun will help get the student even more bought in on school.  Having some exercises or fun quizes to help break the ice will also help make them feel more like they are home


A smooth hand off from Admissions to Education is very important.  Knowing the catalog and the policies and proceedures also help so that you don't miss represent the school.  Having every department avaliable for night students helps as well


Using as many resources as you can to help students is the key.  Showing that you apprecitate them and understand their struggles.  Being a good mentor also helps them feel heard.  Good clear communication also allows them to feel trust with the whole school


showing that you are listening, being able to give some resources or ideas of what will help them is a big part of helping them solve a proboem but also showing them you care about them as a person not just a student


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