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Keren Orion

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I learned that open communication is the most important thing. When deciding between keeping a work-place issue to yourself vs. sharing it with your director, it is better to share it!

Our school's internal customers (the students) can influence external customers (such as employers) whcih is why customer service is so important for all departments and staff.


I learned that customer service trends will continue to evolve, and we have to be open to it. What worked ten years ago is probably the bare minimum expectation of a customer today. That is why it is important to stay a step ahead by always making a conscious effort to provide the best customer service every interaction with customers. IN the case of an educational institution, the cutomer is the student.



I enjoyed reading the section about "Want To" versus "Have To." I like the advice that could be given to anyone which is that if you change your thinking you could find a Want To in every Have To.


I like the part that talked about using all interactions with students as extended admissions presentations... that it is important to remind students over and over of the WHY and WIIFM (what's in it for me) of attending school.

As administrators, faculty, and staff, it is important for us to always look for our own blind spots. What am I missing? What am I not seeing?

I like the simple lesson of "attention = retention." I usually do this when I make sure to contact a student as soon as I see a first absence in a term, to check in and ask them how they are doing and inquire about the reason for the absence.


I learned that employment skills training that requires personal assessment helps students to identify their positive qualities. Students can be successful when they are aware of their positive qualities and personal strengths. The awareness of these personal attributes is something that can increase persistence during challenging times.


I learned that early retention is a key to success. Everyone working at the school should have a "retention state of mind." At my school I work in the student services department. Or focus is on watching for students who need assistance and assuring them that we are their go-to point of contact for any support they may need.


I learned that student mentoring can have a positive impact on student success and retention. At my school, the student services officers serve as informal mentors. We focus on outreach efforts to students who may need extra support and resources in order to get through their program successfully.


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