Christy Streeter

Christy Streeter

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I enjoyed this training as I believe strongly in setting the stage and managing expecatations from the first day of class.  What do I expect from the students and what should they expect of me? It should be clearly defined and communicated on day one and referred to often throughout the course.  In my school, syllabi are pre filled, so class announcements are the format that information sharing takes place from the instructor to the student.  Those should be interesting, engaging and tell the student what they can expect in your class.  Love the idea of ice breakers, small groups,… >>>

Job placement begins with admissions conversations when students are determining where they see themselves.  It should be talked about early and often by instructors so that externship and job acceptance will be a natural progression through each program.

A student's sense of belonging is key to retention and student succss.

Community, which strengthens retention, begins at orientation.

I learned that retention starts with the first phone call from addmissions.  It is helpful to be open about potential obstacles the students may face so that students can make an informed decision about enrollment.

A successful onboarding is key to future success.

Honesty about the joys and frustrations of the position will lead to a more successuful onboarding and a better adjustment to the role.

I appreciate the information on finding the right fit for the company and the applicant.  I also believe the section on recruitment from current employees being more beneficial than an outside source.

I liked the brreakdown of knowledge, skills and abilities.  That is a good way to go through and figure out which candidate fills the most needs in the depaartment.  I also enjoyed getting a better understanding of the why behind observations.


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