Jennifer Hughley

Jennifer Hughley

Location: tennessee

About me

Allied health Program Director at a career college. I love learning and implementing things that re helpful to the sucess of my programs and my students.


reading, spending time with my children, watching football


Help students set attainable goals and building rapport are great retention factors.

Give positive feedback and help students find the value and personal meaning of their career choice.

It's essential to develop institutional strategies that will encompass the learning needs of students from different backgrounds.

Schools need to have a website with job listings so that current students see that there is a need. 

Make sure students are bonding with each other and instructors need to be more aware of and sensitive to student issues. Invite current students to graduation so they can see what it's going to look like for them when they graduate.

Mentoring has a positive impact on student success.

I learned that students are more prone to be successful when they have a realistic understanding of the profession, program expectations, and what it takes to get through the program. It starts in admissions.

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