Sara Del Gavio

Sara Del Gavio

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I have learned that it is vital to start students on their career path from the moment they begin the admissions process. By starting the students on such a path, it gives them a more career ended goal instead of one of just finishing school to get it over with. Through instructors telling about their own personal experiences in the field and having the option to get new graduates information to potential employers, it will allow some of the burden on the student to ease and in turn help them be more successful.


I intend to apply this by… >>>

I've learned that how an instructor is in the classroom really affects if the student wants to stay with the program. By making activities mandatory it will help the student feel like they belong and want to stay at the school to keep the friendships and bonds that they have formed. 

I intend to apply it by having training sessions with instructors explaining key things to look for in a student's performance if they are struggling and giving them the tools to be able to help that student. 

Mentoring and orientation go hand and hand. Having a strong orientation with plenty of resources available will help lead to a higher success rate in students if they know they have the tools and resources to fall back on if they are in need of help. By offering a mentoring program, it will put the student more at ease by talking with a peer essentially instead of an instructor since usually the mentor has been in their shoes not too long before.


I intend to apply this by offering the mentoring program during orientation, that way new students are… >>>

I learned that it is important to provide all the tools and information for the student before they even begin their first class. By providing enough information explaining the various programs the school offers as well as what they will be able to do with their degree once finished can lead to a higher success rate for the student. 

I intend to apply this by making sure I have the information at hand to make students feel comfortable reaching out and that they aren't waiting for specific information.

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