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FERPA Fundamentals | Origin: CM141

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FERPA and Privacy: A Practical Approach --> FERPA Fundamentals

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

My main takaway and how I will apply this information, as an online instructor, is to treat all student information in a confidential manner and will not provide any information regarding my students and any information related to their classes to anyone other than the school officials with whom I work at the institution where I teach.

I would rather err on the side of not giving out any information vs. taking a risk of violating FERPA.  That said, if I find myself in a situation where someone other than an official at the school where I teach requests information regarding one of my students, my response will simply be that due to privacy policies and FERPA and I am not at liberty to provide what they are requesting.

I have learned that other persons not necessarily employed by the istitution may have access to the student records if it is for Legitamite Education purposes as defined by the institution.  I have also learned that sole possesion notes once left in file or otherwise transferred to someone else are no longer considered sole possesion and therefore the student has the right to  read or review them.  

This has been very useful information along side with the more obvious FERPA laws. I, in my position am contacted many times by parent, friends etc. asking about specific students and have had to explain the FERPA law and advise thm of forms we offer that they may ask the student to fill out so that I may providee some of that informaiton but still err on the side of caution as to what I disclose unless any and all information is listed by student to be disclosed to such individual.

Reply to Joyce Hladky's post:

Hi Joyce, I agree with you by erring on the side of caution.  Another possibility is to ask someone from the school whether you can release the information if we are not sure.

This information is so important in order to protect the privacy of our students and to make sure we comply with the law when it comes to student information. 

It was interesting to note that Sole Possessoin records are not considered an eductaional record and if you don't want the student to ever see them, then you should not leave them in their file that you might pass on to someone else.  

Training and education on FERPA is very important!  I will be going through proper channels and not "assuming" someone requesting info is legit!

The importance of confidentiality and access to a student's educational record.   

My biggest takeaway is that any notes that are made about the student AND are including in the student record/file is information that can be shared with student. It is important to remember that ANY information in the student file can also be viewed by the sudent.

It is important to be organized with student records because students can request to view these.  Also FERPA is a law that protects the students privacy, always be cautious when sharing student information.  

I work everyday with a lot of student Records  information and I didnt know how important FERPA is  and how the Laws protect the students. 

It is important that all faculty are familiar with the rules of FERPA. They need to understand what becomes part of the student record, and how to safeguard the student's records. 


I will try to remember the importance of Féria in my classroom setting.

I learned that a student cannot demand immediate access to his/her educational record. We have up to 45 days from the time the student makes the request however the student can appeal the process and the appeal will be reviewed.  


FERPA is not the the safety of educational information it is also for the overall well being of our students. Many of our students already have an established social life. There are many times students when students need the staff to be aware of the FERPA policies for their protection.


FERPA Is a Good System To Review With Students.

Basically to keep everything confidential.  It is valuable information that protects everyone, not only students.


FERPA is designed to protect the student’s rights regarding accessing their student files and the confidentiality of these files. I did not know that this law did not pertain to alumni files.

As an admissions representative, FERPA is very important to my role. It is imparative that I follow the guidelines when a family member calls in asking about the students enrollment, financial aid, or any other protecte dinformation without having the proper written documentation on file to release said information. 


Those who have access to a student's record due to teaching a class should only access the grades related to their own class.  Faculty must protect their students' privacy by being personally accountable.


What an interesting module...FERPA makes complete sense and is a great way to challenge staff to protect student information and records.

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