Alexandra Cumbie

Alexandra Cumbie

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Title IX, the Clery Act, and VAWA are necessary in order to protect students, faculty, and administrators who may be discriminated against based gender identity. I am an in-person instructor and I want to protect and provide support to my students and my coworkers if in the unfortunate case discrimination of this kind happens. 

Learn who your students are and what motivates them. Create a class environment that gives them the freedom to speak on their experiences. 

Get feedback from students about what is working and not working in regards to them connecting with and learning the material.

You can't reach your students if you do not know them and where they are coming from. 


Practice demonstrations beforehand. Vary teaching style among different lectures.

Learn each students name and create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. 

Come in early, interact with the students, learn their names and their career goals. 

Be ready before class and excited about the material. Greet students at the door and use proper and mutally respectful language in my conversations with them.

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