Christian Lindblom

Christian Lindblom

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Exit Criteria should not be referred to when establishing Entry Criteria.

Accommodations should provide access not an advantage to those who need them.

Many returning veterans are often in need of additional services and are reluctant to classify themselves as disabled. 

In addition to not discriminating against disabled persons, you also cannot discriminate against persons you believe to be disabled. 

The Solomon Act is interesting as I did not know the Armed Forces could request records related to students.

Institutions should employ best practices from other industries when it comes to protecting sensitive information. 

There are many specific regulations related to FERPA and what can and cannot be released, as well as when students may opt out of releasing information.

Emotional intelligence is crucial as a leader as your employees need to believe you care about them and trust them and they need to trust you. 

It is important that a distinction is made between personal notes and notes shared as part of a student's official record. 

Understanding the VAWA definitions for different terms is helpful in understanding Title IX more completely. 

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