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Motivation to give them energy towards their passion to learn what they are in school for.! 

Having empathy and care for each student goes a long way. Get to know one thing about them and give constant otimistic feedback. You never know how far that can go. 

Comment on Rose Elam's post: That is awesome. It is like performing or acting so to say, the energy of a professor is felt and mimicked within a classroom setting. What you bring to the table sets the vibe for that class and everyone in it. 

Comment on Amy Horak's post: This is a great course to understand the students from another perspective. THe learning process is the main goal, getting that information through to all of them.

Comment on Sheila Heinert's post: Very interesting and seems more detailed than I knew. But good to know that they have options and there are many protective measures for them to seek out. 

After learning more about this. Do you feel it is safer to have an IX Coordinator on site or not? One not being on site meaning that the campus is too small. I feel like this presence should be known and will increase the chances of good healthy behavior and community building within the campus setting. Let me know your thoughts. Thank You.

This is very interesting and after learning more about this, I feel as if it would be best to have an IX Coordinator on every campus to ensure saftey. 

Comment on Carolyn Black's post: Very interesting, I did not know about this and that there are laws that protect victims. I find it very interesting, is this nation wide and for all industries or just education? Just wondering. Thank Your for sharing your knowledge. Have a blessed New Year ahead!

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This is great, growing up we did not have this. I agree if we all keep an eye out, than everyone is much safer in the learning enviroment.

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