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One of the advantages of the online environment is the real-time access to technology. Involving students in a fun and easy way is a great resource to incorporate active learning. Students can search for images, links, or articles and share with the class in real time. This allows students to engage with material as well as encourages peer-to-peer interaction. 

I have experience in small-group learning activities where some students dominate while others are passive.  The trick for true collaboration is to have some structure with expectations.  I like the problem-solving approach.  It will be important to have thoughtful prompts that are engaging. 

the importance of critical thinking - using group based learning, collaborative learning and problem based learning.

Students should come to class with questions that need to be answered, students can teach instructors- 

Critical thinking means accepting knowledge from various sources including ones peers. Discussion Posts, blogs, and peer review are all important for online learning. Students become problem solvers and are able to evaluate information and study complex situations.

Active learning can enhance team building skills and increase participation among students who normally aren't likely to contribute to the learning process. It also draws on problem-solving skills which naturally promote a group learning dynamic.

"Active learning strategies can assist [students] in developing higher level skills like critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation." I think it incredibly important for students to develop higher order thinking skills. The techniques discussed in this course will certainly help create an "intellectually competent" workforce.

My favorite quote from the course: "Being a good critical thinker is part of what it means to be a fully developed, well-rounded person. It can help them graduate and enter their career path with a better self-understanding or ability to progress and be engaged in their career choice."

Utilizing activities that require the students to think critically is in the best interest of the student and the instructor because it forces the student to practice problem solving skills. When utilizing active learning methods it is crucial that there is mutual respect between every member of the cooperative environment. Students must also understand that their peers might ask them questions about the project, which gives them an opportunity to take the role of instructor for a moment. Teaching a topic often leads to a strong understanding of the topic, so this is a positive outcome of methods like cooperative learning. 

Real life problem solving - current, active - read, write, discuss - more relatable for the student. Once the student researches on his own then he becomes the expert on the topic. Opinions may change once further research and discussion occirs.

Critical thinking often comes when a student understands the material . 

One thing I learned from this module was the need to give students conflict resolution skills or expectations when working on group projects. I assumed this would be self explanatory or intuitive. However, I realize not all students have had to complete group assignments and resolve conflicts between group members. When giving the first group assignments, I plan to give my students some tips and tricks for managing their group interactions and any conflicts that may arise. 

Hi everyone;

In my opinion, integrating active learning strategies in the classroom is crucial for enhancing critical thinking among students. Active learning is an educational approach that actively engages students in the learning process through problem-solving, discussions, and collaboration, rather than merely having them passively receive information.

By encouraging students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information through active learning, we help them develop essential critical thinking skills. This approach pushes learners to think beyond surface-level content and fosters the growth of higher-order thinking abilities. Additionally, active learning leads to a deeper understanding of subject matter, empowering students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

In today's rapidly evolving world, critical thinking skills are more important than ever, and active learning serves as an effective way to cultivate these abilities in our students.

Dr. Abreu

My take away is its important to promote critical thinking abilities for our students. They need to have the critical thinking skill in the real world to help them in the classroom. I hope I can use the techniques I learned to build critical thinking skills in my class.

It was good to learn that it is recommended to have a combination of unplanned and planned interactions. Though this would be more natural in a synchronous environment, it may be able to be applied in asynchronous learning environments too.

A well-developed set of Critical Thinking skills builds self-empowerment and confidence. It enables you to efficiently gather knowledge, quickly process information, and intelligently analyze data.

Critical thinking is a real life skill we can help our students develop. This can be an uncomfortable process for some as this may be a new skill. Group work as well as adequate time for students to assemble their thoughts can ease some of this discomfort. 

This section dove deeper into collaborative and problem-based learning and gave a lot of good ideas on how to incorporate this type of active learning in the classroom.

I understand more about the differences between collaborative, cooperative, and problem-based learning.

In order to create a successful online learning environment involves a mix  of student-centered active learning along with an instructor developed, cohesive plan of instructional activities. 

I have used Problem Based Learning before, but not in an online environment, but a hybrid one. I look forward to learning more about using it online. I believe it is an excellent way to get students involved and also helps with leadership skills.

Critical thinking can be supported by discussions. 

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