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Using problem based learning as a motivator was a new concept for me. I enjoyed learning about PBL

I think giving students problem-based questions is good practice for the Carrer they want- Animal Medicine. Veterinary Assistant, and beyond.

"Online instructors should think about their role as a facilitator in active learning, and assist student in their progress towards being a critical thinker by giving guidelines, encouraging communication amongst students, and also by bringing different perspectives to class." This quote from the text gives an insight, after being an on-line student, and not teaching on-line it makes since why student engagement is so important.

Critical thinking is a skill that is becoming less and less utilized both in and out of the classroom. Helping students get used to critical thinking so it can become more common for them is a great idea. 

Problem based learning is one of the best ways to get students to drive their own learning and experience. They can work independently and in groups.  Ideas where we take real life situations and delve deeper into how a solution can be formed.  One can draw from their own experiences and use critical thinking to create solutions. Instructors can lead students into various ways to help students like; managing projects and holding leadership roles like you would do in a career. Self-directed learning to solve problems, application and analysis of course content can further one's experience in the class. 

PBL is student centered.  Instructors facilitate an activity and students are more apt to solve and complete these assignments. 


I learned to try to implent collaborative learning or group based activities every so often can be beneficial.

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