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Writing Across the Curriculum | Origin: ED205

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Enhancing Students' Professional Skills --> Writing Across the Curriculum

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have witnessed more and more students having diffuculties structuring papers and placing thoughts succinctly and professionally on paper. I like how this portion of the module emphasized the importance of continuous feedback without overwhelming the student as writing is a life long learning skill.

I have found that students enjoy revisions when they have guidance and encouragement and understand rewrites are helpful to gaining skills that will help them in all of their classes.

Writting is a very important tool to master in one's education.

Everyday we see more and more students unable to write properly at college level.

This is a big problem that must be address by us and we have to make sure that student get this abbility.

The ability to communicate your thoughts, both written and oral, are highly important as a manager.  

A basic tool for communication is to be able to express our thoughts in a written form. knowing this format enables us to express these thoughts which are so beneficial in today's world as it relates to a bastardized form of writing as in texting that is so prevalent today. This is a skill set ,(writing properly) not only benefits the one who writes but also benefits the one who receives the written information. This form of pure expression is so missed today.

Writing and communication are important skills which must be learned.  In our school students taqke a class in report and resume writing.  Also during some of the teaching modules they must fill out report sheets and write a brief report on thier findings.  


This is a comon frustration that I come acros often and have not been sure how to address.  I tell them to watch their grammar and spelling, but sometimes all I can say is what you wrote made no sense. Occassionally I have had them redo the assignment. I feel addressing this takes away from the nursing focus, but often medical terminology is so wrong - it gives a poor impression of a student that otherwise has grasped a concept.


I have noticed several students in our program that do not know how to write or put together a cohesive and organized paper. Grammar and punctuation are an issue as well. It is quite surpriising and I wonder how these students made it through high school. Thankfully we have a writing center on our campus where they can get help- if they choose to. 

It is important to write drafts and rewite when writing documents.


I can help motivate students by making my assignments not only for the understanding of the subject but also thought provoking and stimulating.


We can assign writing assignments that are linked to the course goals and objectives. Writing assignments helps the instructor identify some of the strengths and weaknesses that need improvement in the students. Prompt and positive feedbacks will be helpful for the students.



I have found that repetadive but sturctured teaching has worked best for my students. Making sure everyone is on the same page as much as possible before advancing to the next subject. 


Although it can be challenging at times, it is important to include written assigments for students to complete.  The written assigments should be creative, inspiring and manageable.


Writing is an important skill for health care professioals.


Great knowledge for me to have to help in teaching my students how to write or improve writting skills and is helping me with my skills as well. we all have room for improvement.

Writing SOAP notes is an important skill for all Therapists. time consuming and necessary for Medical Records and Insurance a Clinical setting.


Writing is essential as a healthcare provider. Writing nurse's notes is a necessary requirement to communicate a patient's progress or lack thereof. Being able to articulate those concepts intelligently is critical. 

I would like to incorporate more writing at the end of units that would be inquiry based so the students can guide their learning through what interests them about the subject we just covered.  This could really serve as a useful tool moving forward to enhance lesons to ensure student interest and buy-in to content.


Many students often tell me how writing helps them to retain information. One aspect I would like to add to the classroom is peer revising of writing activities. Not only does it allow students to express feedback/ healthy critique to each other but helps build better skills and confidence. 

Writing can be improved with detailed rubrics.



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