Kristen Beal

Kristen Beal

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I am looking forward to applyin gthe Four O's of Course Design when modifying course content.  

I am most excited to apply the skills of being the "social director" of the course!

The unit on "establishing a pattern of teaching" will be invaluable in enhancing student learning. (This was an entirely new piece of information for me -- I had only been familiar with this in how I prepared my syllabus.)

I really appreciated the list of general questions to use to assess the technology form for effectiveness. 

I have not used a document entitled "Design Specs" - and I look forward to using this!

I intend on applying the five different types of lecture format:  expository, suspensful answer, problem solving, case study, and interactive.

I learned the diffferent types of questions that could be used: polar, leading, funnel, probing, open-ended.

I appreciated the listing of the navigational link types: overview, notes, calendar, assignments, discussion, location.

I hadn't used the 7 Principles for Learning since grad school -- I most appreciated your depiction of this from both the instructor's and the student's perspective. 

I learned many new things about participation and engagement.  I am especially interested in using the Exit Slip technique for after synchronouse class meeting. 

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