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I learned how important emotional intelligence is and how necessary it is in the classroom.  It is a set of abilities that helps us manage ourselves and manage our relationships with others.  This skill set is imperative to have when interacting with students.

EQ & Soft Skills, Key to success

I think that everyone who manages people should be required to take and pass an extensive course on soft skills and should have to participate in continued training in EQ.


Students ability to learn vary from one student to another. Some require a lot of emotional energy to motivate them where others don't require any emotional interaction at all, they simply just want the facts. The secrete is to know the which students are which. 

Active listening

I love to have the students play the 'telephone game' where a patient scenario starts with one person and then is 'whispered' to the next person. The group discussion at the end is a great opportunity to provide great active listening strategies and provides an awareness of listening. 

Soft Skills-Emotional Intelligence

I plan to continually work on my soft skills and emotional intelligence. I intend to listen carefully to others and practice empathy when responding to their position and emotions. I will actively work on managing emotions and generating positive emotions to be constructive. Humans are emotional beings. Knowing you are being heard, by receiving a response based on the use of soft skills and emotional intelligence is a powerful tool I want to utilize and build upon. 

Soft skills

Excalent course never realzed how much of an impact Soft Skills and EQ have in a work place

Soft Skills

As an educator, I think we sometimes focus on hard-skills more than soft-skills. However, it is important to focus on soft-skills as research shows that focusing both soft-skills inconjunction with hard-skills are needed in the workplace to be effective. In addition, focusing on soft-skills can usually fix other problems that may be occuring. 

Soft Skills are always needed

Learning about soft skills in the workplace and in general will be very beneficial moving forward. There are great stats in this pd session that get you thinking!

Great First Section

This first section gave great insight into why soft skills are important in the classroom but also in our own general life and thinking. 

Soft skills

I have learned valuable information from this module. There are several characteristics that I believe are innate and some you just have to learn to be successful in academia. Students, I believe, generally do better and are more accountable when instructors develop and utilize as many (if not all) soft skills as possible.


This material is very new to me. learning about the different types of skill was very educational.

Soft Skills Rubric Assessment

To ensure students are equipped with soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace, the Career and Technical Education department in my school is working with teachers, parents, students, administration, guidance counselors, and representatives from business and industry to develop a College and Career Readiness rubric to help students self assess and to offer feedback to students on a variety of soft skills.  These skills include time management, verbal and non verbal communication skills, collaboration skills, etc. 

Managing Emotions

Having more control of my emotions.  I will not longer rush to answer an email or text until I can first control how I am feeling so that it is not reflected in a negative way.

Gen Y

I have noticed if I explain in a little more detail about the "why"and  "how" with curriculum as well as the reasons we have the structure or rules of the school the easier it is to gain trust, credibility and get beetter compliance


ed 115 - take this class

This was a  enjoyable course.  It managed to make soft skills become something every one should want to have.  people, workplace, soft and hard skills and emotional intelligence were quickly and effectively defined.  So was common sense.  (so i had to laugh when I missed a practice question concerning common sense, lol).  there is a survey for rating yourself as you think others will rate your soft skills.  I plan on letting a few of my peers fill this out as well (some i get along with and some i don;t) just to see and help improve my soft skills… >>>


Excellent Course

Soft Skills

This is the the course I needed to learn the most.

By improving my soft skills, I hope to improve my classroom Navigation and control.

Understanding Soft Kills

Comp;leting this course enhansed my understanding of the to  developing bwtter sof skills ib the teaching environment

My Initial Experiences

I have learned about all of the phases required for the Flipped Classroom.  Based on experience I already have, I would say that the major best practice would be preparing by having an idea in mind of how I want my flipped classroom to look in terms of content.  After thinking about the content, the next major step would be to think about how to deliver this content.  In order to keep the students engaged, a variety of instuctional tools that are engaging would be the best option.  The major challenges still remain having the students buy into the idea… >>>

Professional Development

This course was helpful as it increased my knowledge of criticial interpersonal skills essentials for me to be an effective and successful instructor.