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I learned that you need to be aware o you emotions  to choose which ones to come forth with as you maintain self control as you manage conversations.

there are many factors to for effective behaviors in the workplace. Soft skills, hard skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence come together to be an effective instructor. It is crucial to understand others and have common sense to apply to the various situations. There are many levels of soft skills to apply to teaching. 

Computer literacy is crucial to function in most any workplace in this modern age. 

Learning is a lifelong process that will teach students productive skills. 

Skills such as teamwork, public speaking, and group interaction are crucial in the workforce, and are skills that students can learn at a young age. 

My husband always complains that many of his coworkers (in the IT field) have a hard time writing and communicating through writing. This makes it difficult for the team to understand their points and for the projects to continue and thrive. Writing is an important aspect of all areas of the workforce. 

It is important for students to learn the soft skills and individual management so that they can support themselves in the workplace. 

The information is insightful. Good resource for new instructors.

This is a vital skill for all our students, but especially in the areas of Marketing and Business. Allowing them the opportunity to grow and learn will help them develop these important skills! 

The ability to learn and continue to learn is a life-long skill! And something we as instructors can help cultivate in our students, to develop the skill of continuous learning. Striving to improve and get better in all facets of our lives. As they say, "When you're green, you're growing!" and I hope my students and myself stay green for our entire lives!

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