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These were good reminders of things I already use in my classes. 

Soft skills are very important elements of a CTE classroom so that students can be prepared for the real world. 

It is very challenging to teach emotional intelligence to high school students. 

Soft skills endure and help students in the workforce into their futures. 

I think that everyone who manages people should be required to take and pass an extensive course on soft skills and should have to participate in continued training in EQ.

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Supporting computer literacy is important because developing computer literacy skills will increase competence in various computer contexts. As an educator I will provide formal instruction to develop their computer literacy skills, cover essential skills, hands-on practice, promote critical thinking, and integration with professional skills. These strategies will equip students with computer literacy skills to thrive in today's digital society. 

Supporting personal growth and development for my students is crucial for building confidence. Emphasizing lifelong learning, integrate skill development, and provide feedback with support, encourage reflection, and modeling lifelong learning. These strategies will drive students to become self-directed learners.  

The importance of recognizing and accommodating different learning styles among students is an effective way to connect and communicate with students. I recommend explaining learning styles, identify learning styles, adapt instruction, and foster collaboration. Creating a more inclusive and effective learning environment where all students can reach their full potential. 

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