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The Road to Stress Free Living | Origin: ED110

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Time and Stress Management for Instructors --> The Road to Stress Free Living 

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Different coping mechanisms and ways by which I csn better limit or reduce stress. 


Breathing techniques and healthier choices help alleviate or eliminate stress.  Choosing more positive stress relief mechanisms and sticking to those that work best for you can help develop healthier life choices which would also contribute to a more stress free life.

Using better coping mechanism and take deep breaths


Most people in our society today are overworked and stressed.

This causes sress that can have negative effects on the body. Excersise helps the body participate in relieving mental stress.


Five coping mechanisms that were provided were: sharing, exercise, breathing, stretching, and getting enough sleep. 

There are coping mechanisms I can use to eliminate stressors I am dealing with. 

Students need assistance with learning how to cope with stress too.

75 to 90 percent of student visits to doctor or health office are stress related

I am pretty much attached to my devices except the weekends. I find that helps with work-related stress. I can do better by prioritizing.


Effective communications are important for reduction of stress.


Help others who may be stressed around you to reduce their stress level will decrease stress in your life.

For me, I like to go for a run and breathing excersies to reduce stress. 

Stress can cause physical pain and also can elimated through a process of decisision making. 

Talking to others like a pastor or cowoker or even a neighb can help to reduce stress.

Healthier life choices can help me to eliminate stressors.  Standing up for myself and working within my own expectations will be the key to success for me.


Overeating as well as not eating enough are unhealthy coping mechanisms that people have in order to live with stressors. These unhealthy coping mechanisms can often have negative consequences.

I saw things I can use to reduce stress in my life. 

In this module, I learned about effective time and stress management strategies to improve my productivity and quality of life, providing me with more time and energy to be a good instructor.  The suggestions for healthy coping mechanisms are all helpful and easy to incorporate, especially sharing, breathing, stretching, and getting adequate sleep.  If I re-conceive exercise to be a 15-minute walk, instead of something extra that I have to schedule into an already bust day, I think I can easily incorporate that coping strategy into my day, also.

I had heard but did not realize that the majority of school nurse visits made by students are due to underlying stress.  That really is sad.

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