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This module is helpful in reminding me that all cases and causes of PTSD and TBI are wide in range and effect.  Being flexible with the needs of each student is of the utmost importance.

I am already mindful of the possibility of students with PTSD and/or TBI attending my classes because I have a large number of Veterans attending.  I didn't know about IEP's or how they could help assess a more friendly learning environment for these individuals.  I'm not sure if the VA assists these service members in this way, but now I know enough to ask about it.

Recognizing the effects of TBI and PTSD isn't easy.  Getting your students to open up about what barriers may come from these issues is also challenging.  This module has defined some symptoms associated with both that I hadn't realized as of yet.  This information will help me better assess where these barriers may inhibit the success of the students in my class, as well as help me more quickly identify those students affected.  Understanding more about some of the side effects could also help me better assist my students in their training requirements necessary to complete my course successfully.

I understand the evolution of research concerning PTSD and that it's not just something affecting Veterans.  I have read a book titled "Tribe," written by Sebastian Junger.  His approach to PTSD doesn't necessarily attribute PTSD to the specific experience.  When discussing Veterans, his approach is from the perspective of returning to normal society and not having that "Tribal" sense of belonging.  Military members are team members based on job assignment, whether by choice or needs of a specific billet.  As a Submarine Veteran, I could not begin to identify with the experiences of a combat vet, but nor could they… >>>

I have been through countless year's worth of training due to military training and training I've received as a civilian.  I've come to understand that it is important to relay the significance of the material in an everyday application.  I'm an instructor at a trade school and teach for crane operator, rigger, and signalperson certifications.  I teach my classes based on the most helpful instructors and how they helped me absorb the information to be able to retain it and apply it effectively.  Being flexible in your approach with the information has helped reach more students than I thought possible. … >>>

Assumimg all Veterans are the same is a huge mistake.  There are differences in sense of duty and responsibility that go hand in hand with the Veteran's experience while in the military.  Approaching them on an individual basis is necessary to understand their individual experience, as much as possible.  This also help in reaching this individual in the classroom as well as in any practical application of the material being studied.  Being able to associate assigned tasks with something they can identify with, as far as mindset is concerned, is a huge asset in helping them break through barriers.

Recognizing PTSD and the associated triggers is not an easy task.  Each individual has their own triggers, which also bring about a vast possibilities for reaction as a coping mechanism.  I have found that if you approach the individual off to the side and away from earshot of the other students, it is easier for the affected individual to relay some of their anxiety to you as the instructor.  Veterans are primarily associated with PTSD, but are not the only ones dealing with it.  If you are attentive and have had some training on signs to watch for, it makes… >>>

As a Veteran, I recognize the importance of diversity and how flexibility will help to reach all students, regardless of Veteran status.  I'm an instructor at a trade school and have taught a large number of Veterans.  Recognizing them is fairly easy if you watch your students interact with one another.  Depending on what their job was in their military service, it could very well have an impact on what kind of importance they place on what they are learning.  I am fortunate to have small classes and have the availability to interact with all of them equally.  Working in… >>>

Breathing techniques and healthier choices help alleviate or eliminate stress.  Choosing more positive stress relief mechanisms and sticking to those that work best for you can help develop healthier life choices which would also contribute to a more stress free life.

Online resources can help manage all material, documentaion and grading.  It doesn't necessarily apply to where I work as a trade instructor, but I can apply these resources while building my own company some day.

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