Kimberly Willis

Kimberly Willis

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Using critical thinking is important and is a process. Unfortunately some lack criticsl thinking skills and we must tap into that to assist them.

There are coping mechanisms I can use to eliminate stressors I am dealing with. 

Great synopsis by Mr. Taylor!

Use positivity instead of negative connotations. You CAN do this! 


There are different types of learning disabilities a student may have. Providing accommodations for the student will assist them with successfully completing the course and understanding the content.


Maintaining students' attention is important. Using eye contact, projecting my voice, not fidgeting, and floating around the classroom are key points to remember.


It's important to include policies on late work, attendance and grading policies. Deciding how many points formative and summative assessments are worth is also important to determine at the beginning of the semester and in the syllabus. 


Learning environment is important for me to comprehend. There are different teaching styles that i use that are more beneficial to the students than other styles. Keeping their attention is important. One thing I will do is use colored handouts or visuals for the students.


It's important to know there are various ways to asses what students have learned. Multiple choice question, TF questions, essays, matching, standardized tests, etc. 


There are various ways to question students. Questioning techniques provide opportunities for students to engage in class discussions.


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