Elizabeth Crespo

Elizabeth Crespo

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Must use more extrinsic types of motivation in the class.  Great idea to use games in a classroom for the intrinsic motivation, like a crossword.


I do not teach in a classroom, however, I was intrigued about pausing while standing on side of classroom.  I am always prepared before starting my online clinical class.


Having more control of my emotions.  I will not longer rush to answer an email or text until I can first control how I am feeling so that it is not reflected in a negative way.

Using better coping mechanism and take deep breaths


Great information on time management and test creating strategies.


Managing my time. Not having to constantly look at my emails and respond.  Set a time that I will do that every day.  It is a great idea.

Procrastination and immediacy can both affect good time management. This is the first time that I read this.  Also breaking down the to do list into smaller parts.

I did not realize that i the students see you as disorganized externally (desk, workbench, handouts, etc.) they will also see you as mentally disorganized. They will begin to question your ability as an instructor. You may be the best there is in your field but they will still lose confidence in your abilities if you stay disorganized.


Must allow the angry student to talk and wait for a pause opportunity to respond.  I will let the angry student express themselves with getting offended.


Moving to the area where the inattentive students are sitting is an easy way of trying to redirect their behavior. Your presence will often get them to put away the distractions, cease talking, or at least pretend to be interested in the class.

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