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Make time for grading.

ways to organize my time to be more efficient and timely


I have learned that it is important to make the most of your time by being proactive. Keeping yourself ahead and also setting boundries such as with when to answer emails, etc. really helps.

The importance of streamlining lesson plans.


Time management os extremely important I believe we are starting a new program that will help with all of the things in this section.


When I moved into my newly shared office I did a lot of what was discussed in this module. I asked for my own shelf, color coded my folders oranized my books, to do list folder, etc. That made it so much easier because I needed a work space of my own which made me more productive. 


Emails do not have to be answered as soon as we open our computers. This can derail the instructor from the tasks she was already completing. This reminds me of immediacy.


I can set a daily time to check my emails instead of responding every time I have an alert. That will help me prioritize and focus on more important tasks, which will decrease my stress.


Instead of using a different entity to make test questions, I can use the learning management system that the university uses to make the questions there. I will always have access to it if needed in the future. I will have more time by streamlining course preparation and grading. 

Prioritizing to do list tasks and setting aside regular time to read and respond to emails are great suggestions for me to try. I disagree with the idea that instructors should use more multiple choice assessments in order to streamline their courses. We know that instructor feedback is a crucial part of the learning process, so providing students more opportuntites to practice and then evaluating one bigger assignment or project seems like a more effective approach to time management. 

Getting organized and staying organized is very important. Really do need to change the way that I read and or respond to emails.

I really like the idea of scheduling a time to address emails. By addressing email within 5 mins of turning on my computer, it says that that task is more urgent than other tasks, which is not always true. There is no reason I have to address all emails first thing in the am or even all at once. Scheduling a specific time of day to address emails is a great idea and removes the urgency while still maintaining the importance. 


I check my email prior to class (in case their are messages from students) and after the class (for replys and to check for any new admin messages). I turn off my notifications feature on my phone during class to prevent distractions. 


Not responding to emails immediately and reiewing only at set times allows more focus on important tasks.

Online  platforms can help us save tremendous time in manging our class. Our school use Blackboard to oragnize lessons. quizzes, assignments and Reminf ro impootant announcements. It helps also the Powerpoint, pre-made lesson plans rather than reinventing the wheel. 


Schedule when I check my emails instead of responding immediately. 


Organize my desk and review my content for the day with bullet points

Thiis module helps you manage time by suggesting that you use a single time a day to perform clerical things like check email and voicemail.


In this module I learned that it is important to set time intervals for completing task. 


In this module I learned that it is important to make time intervals to reasses my to-do list 


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