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In this module, I like how it mentions the free easy test maker, the online test maker along with online scoring and the Google groups. I will try to utilize all three of these soon.

In this module, I have learned about how to make more time in my schedule by streamlining course preparation, grading, and performing organizational and clerical tasks. I especially appreciated the resource information for making quizzes, etc. and how to change how I check my e-mail so that it isn't so distracting and time consuming.

I love this course so far.  I've learned in this module that checking emails frequently is a time stealer.  I need to stop doing that to avoid all of these interruptions to the task at hand, which creates more stress.

I learn to assign your space and then arrange items in a way that will help you locate whatever you are looking for easier.


Setting a specific time to read and answer emails, grade assignments, and perform clerical work will make you manage your time efficiently.

I understand that emails can wait, Set define times during the day to check emails. 


Ths is showing me my need to improve my ability to teach on online platforms. 

I think the email checking and responding really hit home.  I currently am alerted to any work emails immediately.  And I usually respond immediately to my students or coworkers.  It leaves me constantly connected and working.  I like the idea of checking once a day.  That seems like a good plan for me.


By checking email in the afternoon you can respond to them and not have to check them again until the following day creating more time for yourself.

To manage time wisely, create discussion boards so the students can research and respond to one another as an extra tool.

By taking care of clerical tasks intermittently  cause far less disruption in my day.  This method includes accomplishing clerical tasks all at once, at a single predetermined time during the day. Id love to make this as part of my daily routine.  

There are a number of tech tools and programs that can assist teachers with making and grading tests as well as gradebooks other than traditional LMS's

keeping things simple by not "reinventing the wheel" will help improve organization and time management


I have learned of some really great resources to help create exams and online tests. It's great to see technology and modernization of once time-consuming tasks being utilized to help instructors with time management. 


Space and time management skills are very important to lessen stress and burnout!

The streamlinging grading section was informative. I really liked the concept of having the answer written on the side of the page, it makes a lot of sense. I'll be employing that technique on my future exams for sure!

Making more time for you:

  • Steam line lecture prep. Do it right the first time.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel, build from other courses, lectures ect.
  • Streamline the grading process. DO on line grading when possible & appropriate.
  • Home work can be graded by other students in groups, but I have all homework as on line & speed graded in canvas.
  • Use Technology, We are doing this now in Canvas, & the text publishers tests & set up as speed graded in the LMS.


The section on accomplishing clerical tasks in a balanced and efficient way was very helpful.


Specify certain times of the day to check emails...........that way you don't interrupt what you are already doing

I have learned and confirmed how critical it is time management for being a good instructor.

The moduled have provided me a great variety of advices, tips and potential techniques which will allow me to manage my time more effectively.

I have already incorporate some ot them as part of my rutine some time ago, but some of them not, and I will seriously consider to get them part of my rutine as well. Based on the rationale behind these others,  I consider that they will help me on my goal to better manage my time  as an instructor ( e.g. : to identify once or a maximum of twice a day a window time for answering my e-mails)

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