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like all other aspects of our lives, time managment is key; recognizing where the majority of our time goes can lead to better organization. 


I honestly would not be able to answer emails only once a day because I would miss a great deal of information from both students and faculty. But I see the point. 


In this module I learned to set timers to check emails. I also learned to set a time when to respond to emails on a given day and time would help with time management.


Learning to organize will make managing your time easier. 

In this module I have learned how to manage, organize and well manuver around my time

Set time for daily for email response is a great way for efficiency to create more time in the day.

learned about being more organized starting with claiming your space, cleaning it and then filling it . 

Some of these suggestions are not practical for a teacher. If an instructor checks their email at 3pm, they may miss important and time-sensitive messages from parents, administrators, or other staff members.

Time saving strategies to manage the barrages od email.

It is a great module. I have learned about time management for grading tests and checking homework. Also, I can assign a time slot to the clerical tasks.

Moving at a timely manner is very important and it lowers your stress.

This module has taught me how to better organize my time to prepare tests and streamline the grading process, as well as doing all clerical tasks at once to help manage time better.

I like the idea of making a time for emails and desk work.

Checking emails intermittently . Lecture or instruction may be delivered 50 percent on line and 50 precent face to face projects and assessments.

Set a time to check your email and messages. 

Managing my time with the emails, some of them are not really necessary. And how to streamline teaching and assessment using technology, multiple choice evaluations in 50%. 

I heard that I should check email and do clerical tasks only once per day or at set times, but it is often easier to respond as emails come in. It might only take 45 seconds to reply immediately but 180 seconds if I wait until a later time to respond. 

Also, my inbox feels overwhelming if I let it go for a whole day!

According to the information presented in this course, people are more efficient if the only check/respond to emails at set times, you should prepare adequately for lectures the first time to save you time in the long run.

I have used online test creation software already.  My school won't pay for my subscription.

Comment on Jungsun Franza's post: I was interesting to learn that it was that high. 

Understanding more about streamlining for material

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