Tamar Silverstein

Tamar Silverstein

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This study course was extremely helpful in explaining how to bring in students who are not participating, disruptive, overwhelmed by technology, procrastinate, disruptive to class and instructor.

Requesting feedback often and sincerely is critical in order for the instructor to know if the student's expectations are being met, ways to improve the class and ways the instructor can improve the presentations of the materials.

I never really thought about the projection of your authority from afar while online, but it makes sence.  To facilitate sharing, opening up and influencing students.

Even though I've taken several Online classes, I'm still nervous about technical issues, like my modim dying or internet access going down in the middle of a timed exam. Now I know when those things happen, because it did, call the instructor and let her know.


I remember staying up late into the night waiting for my instructor to answer my questions or send a clarification, so I've learning the importance of efficient and effective feedback.


Great fun creating mnemonics.

Pretesting, review is good for students and instructors.

Very interesting to learn about the multiple intelligences, shaming of students and the importance of differentiating instruction for each learnng style.

It's good to be aware that some students have a difficult time with abstract thinking and prefer the safe ground of concrete thinking.


I have witnessed the reaction of students when music is played, it definitely energizes them.


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