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Deidre Yarak

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In the online courses I have taught I never thought of a good-bye entry. I love it and will utilize this idea.

Not all games are useful and that is why there are tools to analyze their effectiveness.




games provide teamwork, having fun, and learning in an environment where you can reflect and learn from mistakes without consequences.


I know games can help people learn... its finding time in the class to allow it when there is so much content to go over. there really isnt time in the class. students need to be willing to do this on their own time.

using one's time to the best your ability is imperative

I have a hard time remembering names because of the constant turnover. I know they say it is a responsibility and a sense of acknowledgment but if I had the same students every day for a whole semester that makes sense. But with these excelled fast-paced nursing programs where an instructor has 35 - 40 students for one class in one day for four to five hours and you have other classes with different students throughout the week for only 9 weeks I do not see that as possible with everything else that is expected. It is not that I don't… >>>

I know that documentation of behavior is important, especially when it is inappropriate but sometimes you think it's just a one time and it hits you in the face at the end of the term if you do not nip it right away. 

This is the first time I ever heard about the student offering of the shinny apple having such a negative connotation. What a terrible thought that a gift of an apple was more than an offering of appreciation. You make learning evil with such thought behind a wonderful gesture. To think it is a con and to get something from it other than the thanking of a great educational experience is wrong. I feel sorry for all the people who think this.


I do use ice breakers for my first class, and I briefly go through the syllabus. I try not to focus too much of my time.... because I really need to get to my lecture or I will be behind with no catch-up time because there is so much material and so little time. I do like the idea of making the syllabus creative with colors and different fonts. One of my stressors is the late assignments because the student's excuses are unbelievable.

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