Alberto Vasquez

Alberto Vasquez

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Be flexible. Today's students come with challenges but they also come with experience from those challenges. Do not look at these students as AT-Risk. Look at them as a diverse perspective to add to the classroom. 

Some fields like Nursing know how to take on that mentorship role from student all the way to the job. We should learn from Healthcare. 

I like the definition of retention being equal to "Perceived" Value/ Cost. 

Retention = Perceived Value/Cost. Perception is a big component of value. 

Prepare to listen. Detach yourself from the problem so you can help the individual sort out the issues on their own. Offer guidance, not answers.

This confirms seomthing Daniel Pink said which is that people need Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose to be motivated. This section focused on the erosion of that purpose within the individual.

Be proactive with retention. Just like we maintain maintenance records on our equipment to ensure it is operating well and won't break down, we need to be just as aware of employee maintainence. 

It is important to have a genuine connection with the student. All this implies is that you as the coach are being honest, upfront, and sincere in your approach.

I am glad to see there is process for best practices. 

Make sure you post for the faculty you want and interview all those who qualify. 

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