Holly Frankel

Holly Frankel

About me

I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for the past 28 years and love teaching the Parent/Child course to share my dedication to pediatric clients and their families.


Monitoring and being mindful of how students learn can help with retention.  Modeling the professional behaviors we want to see in our students is paramount.

Enjoyed learning about different techniques to engage students and decrease anxiety like to puzzle game or the "weakest think" to help with critical thinking and assessment skills.

I always review course expectations and policies like penalty for late work, missed exams, clinical attendance, etc  the first day and put certain reminders on my calendar.  I also enjoy asking on the first day why they chose nursing.

The importance of understanding the policies that surround student information and disclosures of personal information.


Important information for all educators to be aware of

This emphasized the importance of motivation and keeping your students engaged through a well prepared, interesting and relevant lecture.


I liked the idea of telling a story and changing your lecture style to keep the students engaged


The importance of keeping the students engaged and interested in the course content through illustrations and case studies can enhance learning.  I enjoyed the aspect of the human factor and the importance of getting to know your students backgrounds and goals.


I have learned the importance of getting know your students and their expectations and experiences to better help them learn and meet their goals.


Using various teaching methods to engage the students will promote learning and retention of material.


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