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General Strategies for Student Retention | Origin: ED102

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Student Retention Methods --> General Strategies for Student Retention

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I do present different avenue of being creative,  but this review of the subject give new insight on how to evaluate myself and bring in different aspect to enhance my class room environment.

I am honest and real with the students at all times.  I provide an encouraging and safe classroom.  I expect excellence and I lead by example.

I like the ideas of human factor and meaning thoughts about the importance of student's self-respect for themselves. 

I try to be creative with my classes and I'll try to continue to add relatable experiences for different age groups

Making sure you create an environment where students are engaged in their learning is essential for all ages of students.  


This learning module emphasized the importance of learning the names of the students.

The caring for students and understading their needs is crucial. Making students feel at ease is vital. I like the suggestion of starting the class with a joke or somekind of announcement


The human aspect of every single individual must be recognized and be appreciated to enhance learning.  Learning is a dynamic process where interpersonal attributes meet. An instructor is effective in teaching students of all levels if they treat all students with the utmost respect and always engage in self-reflection activities.  Simply put, utilize emotional and social intelligence to promote positive collective outcomes.


I agree leading with ones head and heart shows students you care about them and their success. 


I'm always available to listen to my students and encourage them. When a student is facing challenges and feels isolated, knowing that someone is in his or her corner can make a world of difference.

I make sure that the students are aware that they can contact me via email or on Canvas for any issues that they may have and I make sure to respond quickly. My students know that I am big on communication and that it can help with misunderstandings. 


I noted several methods or techniques that I can tailor to the program in which I teach.  I will freshen my approach for orientation and hope to present a positive, open environment for students.  At the same time, set high standards for work presented.  

I try and always keep my eye open for a way to create a relatable teachable lesson! Hopefully wind find more in the future!


 As a new Instructor finding that raising a students self respect will help with learning and classroom enviroment is great. Methods I learned will be molded into my teaching techniques.

Barbara McDuffie

I believe ifyou feel comfortable at what your teaching, then it will show through your students. They become comfortable in learning.

It is important to provide a postive learning environment for the students. Adult learners are more mature and have experience in the work field so they want to be able to apply everything they learn as soon as possible. People around the age of 18 to 20 years tend to be passive learners because they are more concerned about fitting in and are unsure of what is expected of them.

I will ensure to create a dynamic learning environment for all students making 
sure they are learning what is in the standard based curriculum. 


Adult learners are active learners and will want to apply what they learned. Young learners on the otherhand are passive learners. It is helpful to learn the students' names to build a rapport with them since it is their sense of identity.

Learn your students & evaluate your own why.


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