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Understanding Student Characteristics | Origin: ED102

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Student Retention Methods --> Understanding Student Characteristics

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

From this section I learned and have begun to understand the importance of discussion.  By learning more about my students I will be able to target abilities for them and help them gain momentum from their strengths, while improving their weeknesses

I like the idea of discussing career goals. I can see how realistic their goals are and decide what action is required to keep the student on track.

Using real life situations while teaching in class I think will help with student intrest and retention before bringing them to the lab. 

Finding real career expations from students will help me bring more to the table in the class room as well in the lab.

From this section I've learned the importance of seeing the classroom from your students' perspective.

I've learned the importance of adult learner and instructor should learn how to listen to the needs of the adult learner. 

Discussing needs with my students is important as it will help me learn the best way to teach my students. 

It is an imprtant part of teaching to be aware of how the student is doing in different parts of life.  Any aspects that can be assisted to help the student suceed in their education.  All the time not allowing an individual students problems to affect the reest of the class learning. 


This section provided some great detail about the diverse students that in your class room. It is important to be able to relate, but every student is different, and you will need to establish the common ground among them. 


I learned the importance of seeing things from the students prospective.

How important it is as an instructor of support to the school to better understand where the students are coming from.


Every individual is unique and comes from different backgrounds and shaped by past experiences.  More importantly, understanding students' informed decisions, aspirations and what they intend to achieve in their program is essential.  Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs could enhance positive student outcomes.  Hence increase student retention


Knowing the various types of students and each of their needs. 


I was able to utilize this knowledge today, while teaching Ethics in Healthcare. I know one of my students used to work for an insurance company.  A topic came up regarding what insurance would or would not cover regarding in vitro fertilization. I called on her to find out what she thought about the issue. I also utilized the knowledge of students who are interacting with leaders in healthcare regarding their views on staffing. This was done in my Leadership course.


Cultural competency is an essential part in teaching students from diverse culture.

I have learned it is very important to take time to see the classroom from the students perpective.

Also look at the the maturity level of the students when putting them into groups assignments it can help with their confidence

I encourage students to use WellConnect to help with any issues they may be having, and I remind them that it's not a free service; it's a service they're paying for whether they use it or not.


I think it is great to discuss with the students what they would like to get out of course as far as goals. Also, understanding that the course may be diverse, but that shouldn't change the learning process for anyone! 



This course was helpful for me.  It is important to know what the reasons are the student is in the program.  It is easy to just assume that most students are in the program for the same reasons.  Getting to know the individual's reasons can be what can be utilized for encouragement when events occur.  Life will not stop happening just because the individual is in school.  So it is important to know the students intrinsic reasons for wanting to be successful.  However, it is important to maintain the professional boundary that is necessary to be effective.

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