Dondalynn Angstadt

Dondalynn Angstadt

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This was extremely informative and I have become more knowledgeable what the roles and responsibilities of a title IX coordinato. 


I feel very strongly about this issue and Iama full supporter of this! These acts occurr more than are reported. This issue still exists but more attention has been brought forward. 


I agree leading with ones head and heart shows students you care about them and their success. 


Knowing the various types of students and each of their needs. 


How to introduce the best way to deliver a demo the pre, during, and post phases. In addition, the importance of using the varying my technique on delivery to meet each of the learning styles.

I personally like the ease of introducing myself and the students introducing themselves to foster mature in personal skills and know they have support. I plan on using the 3x5 index card activity for the ease of becoming acquainted to myself and their cohorts!

This module was extremely useful and knowledgeable on how to be effective in teaching a course. More specifically, creating course outlines, a good syllabus, teaching strategies, goals & objectives, and picking the best instructional tools such as the best textbook.


It’s very important for professional development in any career of your choosing. However, being an educator, not only am I responsible for educating my students, but where my own personal learning must continue as well. Having a professional development plan will assist me with improvement and expanding my own knowledge. I look at it as my own vision and mission regarding my career.

This course was extremely interesting to me as well as a review. I took this course in my graduate program, and I took quite an interest then just as I did presently.  I was reminded to be a positive role model by leading by example with your head and heart, always remain professional, have technical, professional, and personal competence. 

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