Sharon Haylett

Sharon Haylett

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Organizational cultures are unique to institutions. However, people are the ones that make up the organizations. If you have people with toxic and negative attitudes the organization will not succeed as it should.

On the other hand if the staff practice postivity and work together and support the same vision the goals of the organization will most certainly thrive and the result will be student success.

Practicing positive attitude is like breathing for me.


My belief is that encouraging class participation will motivate students. Maybe not all the time but most of the time.

As an educator it is extremely important to embrace the EduPreneurial Side of the school. Students are the ADVERTISING VANGUARD OF ANY SCHOOL. This is a huge part of any school system. As a matter of fact all employees should invest in the students' SUCCESS.

As instructors we are here to educate and the students are here to receive education. However, we are learning from the students while they are learning from us. Understanding the students’ habits, attitudes (positive/negative), beliefs and expectations will strengthen and improve our approach to different cultures and norms.

As the trained personnel we should give… >>>


It is important to help students to see themselves as unique individuals. Motivate them by modeling heart intelligence. Show them that you as the educator cares about their possibilities as well as their successes.

Communicate more effectively  and listen attentively.

As an instructor it's important to use inclusiveness in your method of instructions.

Never assume, ensure that all students are given the benefits of learning despite their learning preferences or challenges.  

Practice modeling. Practice respect for all and always demonstrate the social culture of equity in knowledge. 

It is fascinating to learn about language and literacy as describe in this session. The idea of using inter communication instead of cross communication is an interstin concept. Cross communication presents itself as talking against and doesn't affirm or validate differences in communication. 

It's important to acknowledge differences as well as sameness. Therefore my goal is to use the learnind experience to better help me address diversity appropriately and with sensitivity.

Thank you

On demonstrations, before class select site for demo where all students can see. In addition, always have a fall back plan.

I love the idea of having the students take away 4 things at the end of class. 

1. Sense of where they are going and how they will get there

2. See their fellow classmates as friends or pals and not strangers

3. Get the idea that the instructor care about learning

4. have the expectation that the course will be valuable and enjoyable

Setting goals is important. Also having a checklist and have things checked off, especially if you are a first time instructor minimize worry and set the tone for better instructional approach.

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