Jennifer Stanley

Jennifer Stanley

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Student supervision is important to their success and learning outcomes. Allowing for different styles of the work make differ depending on the person providing instruction. If we are able to offer students multiple varieties this would allow for the one that suits best for the student. 


Internships provide the student opportunites to grow and demonstrate to future employers their skills and knowledge base. It is imperative that students are in an environement to which they can flourish and be fostered in. In turn internships provide additonal opportunity for students to gain employment after completion of their program. 


FERPA is important to the student. As faculty it is our due diligence to protect the students privacy and only access necessary information, ie grades from my class. 


Demonstarting clarity and relevance seems to be very important to students and their success. 


I love the idea regarding REFOCUS. I feel this can be relateable to students on various levels


I would like to make my class fun and exciting to keep them excited regarding content. 


Using life experiences can often help individuals with their success. 


Vary your style depending on the students. Each may learn differently 


Being prepared being on time


Lead by example. The way you act and behave or even dress, will set the tone for your students. 


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