Judy Bernstein

Judy Bernstein

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I also understand that teachers need to follow school guidelines

I understand that disrupters can be actively disruptive even in e learning and asynchronous environments


I was surprised to learn critical content should be covered asynchronously. As I think about it, this makes sense. But it was not my first way of thinking about it which tells me I am very biased toward synchronous conversation. 


It's very important to make a personal connection with students and to aim to build a real and mutually respectful learning relationship. 

It's important to make a personal connection with the students


I've learned that it is important to be more than just the SME. As an Adjunct, I need to become expert in the teaching apparatuses and processes.

Famous director Mike Nichols realized only in his 80s that the focus indirecting should be on "the string more than the pearls" He meant that the structure must have integrity in order for any inspired moments to occur. This lesson is reinforced for me as I reflect on how well detailed and considered ISD is and so how well worth adhering to it will be. 

The structure that ISD imposes on teaching is enormously helpful and provides a great deal of opportunities for creativity to be woven into course and lesson planning design. 

I am aware of all the bits that make up the course components and so will be more able to create them for courses I help design

In seeing the sections about synchronous chat and asynchronous chat, I'm struck by how video conferencing - especially in these days of COVID19 - is taken for granted as if it's always been a part of online learning. It's interesting how the content in this course, so far, speaks to when online learning was more about trying as best as possible to offer a nearly as good simulation of brick and mortar learning vs. how today, it can achieve outcomes far beyond the limits of in person, conventional classes. 

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