Peter Zapf

Peter Zapf

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Content is king. Spending additional time and effort creating engaging materials suitable for on-line learning is helpful.

Providing students with greater context allows them to comprehend why they are learning as much "the what" of any particular lesson.

Adapting an F2F class is definitely possible. Being flexible and adopting new methods is critical.

Adding rich media and meaningful interactivity requires a fair amount of planning and refinement. 

Starting with the end in mind and then working backward to the first point of contact can help ensure that all aspects of the learning expereince are integrated and align with the intent of the course.

Objectives provide clear measurement and allow refinement of course content and delivery, if needed.

All things move from order to chaos, including materials and lessons. Having them well organaized, edited, and updated can save time and improve the overall experience.

Students often don't realize the resources they have at their disposal to augment what is presented.

Encouraging on-going participation with asynchronous discussions has been a challenge for me in the past. Finding incentives and keeping formatting clear and to the point might help.

Connecting with student is a virtual environment can be challenging. Spening time to build relationships and to check on learning is needed. Making sure one has the proper support, especially from a technical perspecitve, is important.

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