Donna  Trone

Donna Trone

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Keeping the gradebook current and up-to-date is important in reducing student anxiety and lets them know where they are in the course.

Offering a fun pretest to see what knowledge students bring into the class

I will continue to incorporate pp presentations within my courses and encourage students to use them as well.

There are several reasons why a student  may not finish the course.  The student can feel alienated, the workload is too heavy, the student may have competing responsibilities, and technical issues.  The module covered several strategies to help overcome some of these issues with the student.

While using asynchronous discussions it is beneficial to provide students with rules or netiquette so they know what is appropriate when posting responses in the discussion.

I am encouraged to post a bio of myself and have students do the same for their first assignment to build the leaning community within the online environement.

I have learned that as an instructor we need to be as familiar with the course management system as our students.

I need to use multiple evaluations and inputs from stakeholders to improve my online course.

providing meaningful feedback is a crucial part of an online course.

I have learned that students need many resources for online courses, and should feel a part of a learning community.

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