Michelle Olds

Michelle Olds

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Being over prepared can help alleviate not having enough material. Come to class organized and ready to teach. Be professional in both appearance and delivery of lessons and assignments.

Making sure the expectation of student behavior is clearly presented from the very beginning of the class is very important. Knowing the expectation you have of the students will help them understand when there are consequences for their behavior.

Learning to deal with many different personalities in students is important so that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. Getting all students engaged is important. 

Being clear and precise on the goals and requirements for the class helps the students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they will gain from the course as far as skills and knowledge.

Being knowledgeable in your course content and being prepared to deliver them successfully is very important.

Getting to know your students as well as giving them an insight into who you are will help everyone feel more comfortable. 

Being prepared and having a clear knowledge of your curriculum will set you up for success with your teaching.

The way I present myself both physically and mentally has an impact on the students. Being prepared and knowledgeable also presenting myself professionally will let the students know I am credible and competent to teach. Being willing to always further my own education is key.

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