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The students will feel more comfortable if you try to know who they are. 

It is important to learn you students names and make them feel at ease, that you are there to help them learn.

It is essential to establish a connection, expectations, and class rules with the students on the first day of class.

Meeting the class for the first time I would do an exercise that allows all of the students to become familiar with me as well as each other. Most likely an exercise where we go around the room and introduce ourselves, why we chose the field we did, and what we enjoy to do in our free time. 

Remember you are a human as well, meaning try to create a sense of comfort / community in your classroom, the way you wanted your teachers to create when you were the student. Learn names, share things about yourself, talk about why you became a teacher, greet everyone with respect, etc. 

That it's important to learn each student's name 

First impression is everything. Get to know your students to make the course run smooth.

It is important to learn the students names and something about them. This is also a great way to open up the classroom making everyone feel welcome.

Excellent material. 

On the first day of class, it is natural for students and instructors to have a mixture of feelings ranging from anxiety to excitement. One key goal is to create a comfortable learning environment. By assuring students that their success is my highest goal, that I have a plan for helping them to succeed, and that we will have a good time together, I can begin the learning process with a positive attitude.

Comment on Alexander Nieves's post

I appreciate your comment on creating an environment that we would have enjoyed when we were students. It is so true that teachers who remember themselves as students tend to do better.

By the end of their first class with the instructor, students should feel a sense of security in their path towards success in the course.

There are several things that need to be addressed before/during the first class, including adequate preparation for all aspects of the class, rehearsing the first-day agenda, having a proper syllabus to inform the students of the course, and creating an exercise to put the students at ease and on the right track. 

Tell students about yourself and have them share something about them. By sharing information it gives the teacher an opportunity to get to know the students and students become more comfortable in the class.

First impression matter. Take the time to inform the students about who you are and seek to learn who they are. 

It's important to share a little bit about me. Cohorts already know each other, and a new instructor might be seen as "the intruder" in the group. Sharing will ease their nerves and create a bond.

the three M’s of modeling, managing, and motivating will be of great assistance to you and the class on this first day

I was worried about introducing myself and when to tell them a little about my background. Another aspect is how and what way to introduce couse content.

I think this is unrealistic in an environment where I teach at an accelerated program.  In a prefect world, I love a lot of what was suggested; getting to know the students names and what they would like to be called.  I love the idea of putting a picture, or face to a name and the 3x5 index card of an interesting fact, what made them choose nursing, how have they been successful in the past.

An introduction of an instructor and the students is very beneficial. It helps for you the instructor to get to know a little more about the students and it give the students a chance to learn more about the instructor. 

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