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I have just finished ED105 and I am glad to report that it is a very helpful tool and it refreshes your view on how to instruct our students. This course points out or strengths and our weaknesses.

I too just finished ED105 and have got to say that the examples for the terms training, learning and education were well done. I guess even old dogs can learn new tricks!!

Understanding each student’s strengths and interests provides teachers with a wealth of information for developing motivating learning activities and themes. The public recognition and regard for each student’s strengths and interests communicates to them that they are cared for and valued. In addition, information on strengths and interests can be used to facilitate students developing positive relationships with each other and learning to respect similarities and differences among people.

It is good to know that what I am thinking about in my ongoing professional development is at the forefront of this training, especially ED 105.  These are issues I am constantly mulling over and trying to think creatively about.

I completed ED105 and thought it was an excellent training and refresher course. It educated me on student focused strategies needed for both instructor and student success.

I think the information is salient in our daily instructional lives.  I need to do a better job of learning more about the students and what drives them to either do well or otherwise.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying new approaches and learning new skills!!  I strive to do a better job each class and I believe my students are getting a better education and more information by doing so. 

Getting to know one's strength's and weaknesses as a teacher is an ongoing process.  ED105 brings so many classroom situations into focus for me and suggests ways to create "change" in my approach. Learning is about change, for students and for teachers.

ED105 has allowed me to change my grading system. I would let students hand assignments in up until the last day of class, which only caused more stress for me and didn't teach them anything. They would only leave my classroom and think this was accepted behavior. I now give them one week then the grade becomes a zero. On the first day of class, I give them a list of all their assignments, so if they miss class they know the assignmnet they missed.

I also just completed ED105, and will now insist all my colleagues also enroll.  Great overview of things all teachers need to know!

I also just completed ED105, and will now insist all my colleagues also enroll.  Great overview of things all teachers need to know!

I just finished ED105 and it helped put a lot of my unknowns into context. Like giving extra credit work and make up exams

I just completed ED105 and the information will defintely help me out.  Although I am no longer in the classroom, I do supervise instructors and I will be able to pass on to the instructors what I learned in this course to hopefully help them as they become better instructors.

I completed ED 105 a while ago. I really enjoyed taking that cours. I also no longer give extra credit or bonus points. I am doing better at giving them an outline of the course and the course assignments and due dates. Overall I feel my classes are running better.

I have also just finished 105 and I am glad to see that pre assessment is the way to go. This was my first quarter in awhile that I went back to the quarters before the students stepped up to my classes. I know from the results of certification where the weaknesses are and so this quarter I decided to go all the way back and it did help me to see what I need to do in the upper classes to reinforce the older lessons.

I agree Ed 105 is great. I havent had the time to go back and re-evaluate myself but hopefully I will have time this week, to see how I have improved. Thanks

I am truly greatful for the in depth instruction in the section regarding how to comprise an evaluation/grading system. I just started my own grading system and it's great to know that the base 10 system was discussed as the most effective.

I think both Ed 104 and 015 are very good and helpful courses. specially with the classroom management, handling difficulty students, group activities...I learnt alot!!

I am still new to the world of teaching/instruction, 7 months into it now.  Loving it, but really appreciating these online courses.  I am very knowledgeable in the subject material but getting it across to a room full of students is another matter.  Having to step back to where they are now in the learning process an not getting too far ahead of their skill level was hard at first but every course I take gives me more perspective into the teaching of it.   

I liked ED105 as it helped me to understand better what type/types of an instructor I am.

This helped me test and hone my skills a little better.  Learning is an ongoing process!!

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