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Completion of ED106

I enjoyed each module presented in ED106. Some of the material was a good review, while some of the ideas were new. I am excited to apply what I have learned to my next quarter of teaching.


I feel I will be able to use most of the information in this module right away. We will be starting a new term soon and I can impliment the practices with my new students. Having a learning disability myself, I can lead by example. Kathy

The content in ED106 was very well presented.  While some concepts are simple, or even common sense, the others contain new ideas that I will certainly remember for my classes in the future.   

I really needed the information in this class considering 50% of my students speak English as a second language. The pointers given by other instructors can only make me a better more conciencious instructor.

@ Letisha: I was a International student once, ESL class was easy for me when I grouped myself with the same language speaker but I really learned when I decided to push myself and deal only with different speakers. My advise to you is,  Create some group activities where your student share ideas (oral or written) but not the same speaker language in the group. It will be fun for them and for you as well. Good luck

I really enjoyed the course.  It has helped me see different ways to improve our intsruction methods at our school.  I will definitely pass this information on to our faculty who may not have completed this course yet. 

I truly enjoyed each of the modules in this class.  I have made several notes and even a resolution to be applied in my next term classes.  That will begin on 10 Jan., so I have no results to post yet, but am excited to begin.  The resolution is to keep a daily journal from now on.  Yesterday was my first entry in hopes that the prep notes will help for the terms to come!!  Happy New Year everybody!!!!

I really enjoyed ED106, while taking the course I made notes on concepts learned that I can apply to the classroom.  One item that I will definately be utilizing will be a journal, this will be very effective since in a year's time I teach the same courses more than once, I definately can add and enlighten the class based on discussions used in previous classes.  I thought the course was well written and flowed very nicely. 

I took ED106 specifically to get suggestions on teaching adults with learning disabilities. Teaching at a career-based college, it was real shocking for me to have students in my college classes who had a lower reading level than my 8-year old son. As was stated in the section, "Understanding Diverse Learners," just beacause students have graduated from high school does not necessarily mean "that person can read or do math at the 12th grade level."  I, too thought the course was well written and flowed very nicely. It has given me the motivation to seek more information and continue pursuing ideas to help improve my teaching methods to benefit all of my students.

Ed 110 was very helpful to learn about stress!!!  I will definitly refer back to it.

ED 106 was very informative.  I am a new instructor so the learning disabilities education was an excellent overview!

I too have learned a lot from the ED106 module. It was quite informative and I will use the knowledge to help my learning disability students. Thanks MaxKnowledge!!!

I really enjoyed this teaching module..has given me ideas that I will surely use in the classroom from now on.

The material in ED106 was presented very well.  I have to say that I learned quite a lot from this course.  It gave valuable guidelines for delivering clear presentation.  I especially like the idea of prior to introducing a new concept, summarize what has already been covered, show a connection between what has been covered and what is to be covered, show applications, help the student to realize the relevance of it.  Another great suggestion:  the concept of using "pauses" effectively carries such an impact during the course of instruction.  Bottom line: Great course, lots of valuable information.

ED106 was very informative. In fact, all the courses i have taken so far have made me feel like there is someone in the back of my classroom taking notes no who is in the class! It is nice to know that these student "types" are apparent in all classrooms and not just my own. Regarding students with Learning Disabilities, I feel that the knowledge gained in this course will allow me to be more sensitive to adult learners who take more time with content than I had anticipated. I look forward to applying concepts learned here to other areas of my teaching.

With me being a new teacher, I felt that ED106 was a good module for me to educate myself on.  I wasn't to sure of how to deal with students who aren't as motivated as others, or students with disabilities, and language barriers.  In my last Mod I had to deal with all three issues, I wish I took ED106 first cause now I know.

I found ED 106 to be almost identical to what I teach in 2 of my classes.  It drives home many of the points that I use and teach to my students.

For me, this course was a terrific refresher! I taught for many years before taking a long break (8 years) to raise my kids and needed the extra boost to get me jump-started again! I realized I was rusty in developing lectures and that some things have changed in the past few years!

I too instruct at a career college and face students who come into the class with poor reading skills, no note-taking abilities and no real sense of direction. This is an accelerated program so it is up to me to figure out how to present the material required in a format that these students can grasp. Course 106 gave me some great insight.

While we are instructed to make learning fun or exciting to motivate I still cannot help but wonder why the tuition payments or the promise of a new career cannot be the motivating factor itself.

I thoroughly enjoyed ED106. Some techniqes were new to me but some I could relate to. Thanks for the class, it was definitely very informative.

Pat McCoy

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