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ED 104

The ED 104 was a good training program.  It makes you more alert on the classroom guidelines, and be more aware of the students behavior in the classroom.  As stated before, it makes your lightbulb as an instructor go from 75 to 100 watts in the classroom.

I agree....I think the information here is not anything we, as instructors and administrators, have not heard before.  We can not reframe the information and apply it to today and the new hurdles we all have to jump over.

I personally don't have any formal education as an instructor, and have acquired a teaching position because of my professional experience.  I really enjoy teaching and feel I have a pretty natural ability to it.  My students seem to like how and what I teach them. 

The ED 104 program did make me evaluate my performance as a teacher.  I do feel there are some very valid points with good, supportive explainations of the topics at hand in the course.   I have already noticed a difference in the way I approach some philosophies in my teaching style.

Good information to learn

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