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educational teaching techniques

How successful have you been employing techniques from ED 105?

I have only taken ED101. What differences are there between these courses?

I have been able to use quite a few of the techniques that were mentioned and talked about in all of the forums and discussions.  I am pleased to tell you that not only have they worked, I am eager to continue utilizing them in future classes.  Thank you SO much for allowing me to take part in this!!!!!


Robin Stuart     :)

Hello Robin,

I am just wondering what are these techniques that you used?

Thank you,

Hi Cynthia,

The instructor development courses are designed to contain specific content in each course as well as build on the content in the sequence of courses.  As you know from having taken ED 101 that course covers the basics of becoming a career college instructor, particular discussing the Three M Model, of being a model, manager and motivator.  ED 102 discusses different methods of engaging students in the learning process so they will want to remain enrolled and making progress toward their career goals.  ED 103 is focused on the identifying the different learning preferences that students bring to the class and how to develop instructional deliveries that will touch upon all of them.  In addition, the course contains information about different testing formats and assessment techniques.  ED 104 talks about classroom management.  A list of common challenging student behaviors is given along with strategies for managing them.  ED 105 covers instructional planning and delivery options, including how to select media and technolgy that will make your teaching more efficient.  ED 106 discusses a variety of methods that can be used to increase the learning of students.  Strategies are given that will help instructors with their lesson plan development and content selection.  ED 108 is an advanced learning course designed to share information about how individuals cognitively process course content and how their multiple intelligences can be used to keep them engaged in the learning process.

As you can see these courses are designed increase the knowledge base and expertise of career college instructors so they can be more effective and efficient in their instructional planning and delivery.

Any questions let me know. 


Gary Meers

Yes, I have changed my way of presenting information so that I include videos, slideshows, group and team efforts. I believe my students appreciate this more than just my lecture and reading out of the book.


- L. Darlington

I think i can do much better with improving the way I use materials to keep them motivated.

I learned a great deal about motivation, new materials and how i move about the room to make it more interesting and challenging.

These are great overall and I think that I wil certianly see about takig a follow up to the ED 101 course, as this was very helpful in geting started.

I am anxious to start using what I have learned.  I am a new instructor. 

I have completed ED101 and 102. They are basically things we all know we just need to implement into our everyday classes. Management and teaching are really a lot alike in that we must keep our reports up to date and acknowledged in order to be a good employee. Also, students must feel important and acknowledged each day. We must stay up to date on our teaching skills and our discipline in order for students to be successful after they graduate.

I have just completed ED101.  I completed the assessment and I will be taking additional training.  I am anxious to implement what I have learned.  The ED101 training has helped me identify items that will help make students more comfortable in my classroom (which I am always trying to do).  Even the tip about engaging students by becoming more personal with them and greeting all makes sense and can make such a big difference.  The Harvard clips were great!!

Thank you!


I just completed ED 104. I discovered some very useful techniques on several issues. I tend to be a softy when it comes to past due assignments. I feel so awful for deducting points because it has the potential of them failing which kills me. I had to fail a couple students last quarter just because of incomplete assignments. They scored great on the tests, but just did not do the homework & assignments. ED 104 provided some very good suggestions on this issue. I also enjoyed watching the Harvard Business videos. I would have liked more information on how to shape from a normative aspect.

Sara Donevant

i feel that the educational teaching techniques has been very informative and resourceful. Some of the issuses I knew (because they made common sense) and some were really great ideas that I had not considered. One thing is certain: the resource is here to read and see what our peers are saying about how they handle certain issues and how to improve on our techniques.


I just finished ED104. I took many excellent techniques from this course. One in particular is when I ask the class a question(s) to be more patient and wait for them to process the question and formulate a response. I tend to not wait long enough and move quickly through my questions. I recently tried to be more patient after asking a question and let what seemed to be a LONG silence happen until a student answered. I am going to continue my patience :)

I finished ED102, Retention.  It contained useful and effective content .  It is nice to remind yourself of the most proper way to instruct online.

Dr. Meer,

Thank you for the summary of the courses.  That is most helpful. I only wished I'd had these courses prior to starting my first semester of teaching adults at a technical college. I would have felt better prepared for what was about to happen; the challenges, the boundary testing, the excuses, and the late assignments. My experience was a bit more of a "trial by fire."


Mary Flowers

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