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Completion of ED102

This was my first MaxKnowledge course, and I was impressed by it.  Having the learning activities in each module was an advantage.  It reminded my that I need to use a variety of techniques in my class since I appreciated it as a student.

Thank you Maxknowledge

Tonya and Thomas-I concur re: MaxKnowledge.  I was pleased that these modules included the'human' factor such as empathy and developing rapport.  I am sure there are many professors with a greater knowledge base than I; however, my student surveys are always very positive and humbling.  I truly believe that this is because of the reciprocating respect, not simply the expertise or diverse teaching methods utilized.

I agree with the 'human factor' element. It's important to be empathetic to students and show that they have someone on their side. HOwever, it is a tough call as to when students need to 'man up' or kick themselves in the pants and take responsibility for their education.  It's hard to get through to students that life events such as health and so forth are things that we can work around, but being 'busy' isn't.

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