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ED106 content

As other people have states ED106 does contain some review information. This is good though as often we need to be refocused on these core concepts. What I found most intriguing and new was the information about learning disabilities and literacy issues. The practices taught in these sections not only apply to students with documented learning issues but with all students who all have varying levels of comprehension and retention skills. It was a well put together course with much applicable content to my profession.

I work with stuudents with learning disabilities,but ED106 took me into a much deeper understanding of students with learning diasabilities and how to deal with them.

I really appreciated the info + example regarding dyslexia. I've had some experience with students who state they have this disability - but actually being faced with an example of what they experience was very enlightening. It took me a few minutes to figure out what the sentence said + I can just imagine the frustration level of someone who face that consistently. Going forward - I will make it a point to support anyone who tells me they have this disabilty to my best ability.

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