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ED101 complete

I just finished ED 101. It was a great refresher course from what I learned in my teaching courses while getting my BS. I already have some new ideas to incorporate in my classes. Thank you!

I think it is a good teaching resource since this is my first course i am teaching

I thought the content of this webinar was quite helpful in organizing how I prepare for class instruction.  Some theories were common sense, but there were others I hadn't realized.

I was so excited to take this course.  It is my first time teaching and have struggled that last three months with formats, lectures and creating lesson plans.  Surprisingly, I did not realize, I was already applying many of the principles in ED101.

Going through the course not only gave me the confindence to continue, but gave me additional professional instruction that I am eager to apply to my next classes.  

I am so glad that I have taken ED101. I am new to teaching and really appreciate this course content to help me plan and organize myself as an instructor. Since starting this course I have already seen much improvement in my instruction and confidence.


Greetings Rosana!

Welcome to the teaching profession!  The profession is a very rewarding one.  In your post you stated that since taking this course you have really seen some improvements in your teaching.  What specific strategies have been helpful to you?



Thank you Lendozia,

Yes just as it has it's challenges it is definetly rewarding. Having a lesson plan of my own has made a huge difference, it keeps me organized and familiar with the material. I am using powerpoints,lectures notes, handouts and test that were created for me to follow. However, by creating my own lesson plan it helps with making my lecture my own. I have also incorporated the mini lecture! This is wonderful! I was just lecturing for 85 min.. Now I am breaking it up in 15 min incraments introducing questions, critical thinking (case studies), examples from experience or stories you read in the paper, or watch on the news.  I am also stepping away from the powerpoint and walking to a different area in the class while I take these breaks for questions and I have my students attention! I feel they are engaged in the topics and class discussion it is wonderful!



I have been in this profession for more years than I am willing to admit, but this course proves that there is always something new and valuable yet to learn.  I enjoyed the online experience.  When I earned a degree, there was no such thing as "online".

I just finished ED101, my first course with MaxKnowledge.  I loved the way the course was set up and delivered.  I already knew some of the information in the course, but some of it, especially the deliverying learning info was new to me.  I plan to incorporate the mini lecture technique immediately.

I have just cimpleted 101. The course was very helpful. I look forward to taking more courses, the information I learned is particularly useful with the group of adult students that I have. Most of the group is motivated but there are a few students who are not trying as hard, showing up late skipping class then asking for help, I don't think this is fair to the others who are trying hard to succeed, while some want it handed to them without the work. Any comments?


I hear your frustration regarding students being late and absent.  It is a disrespect of time, and quite frankly, it is annoying.  About a decade ago when I began teaching, I was a stickler for timeliness and for being present to class unless extreme circumstances prevailed.  I believed (and still believe) students should treat school like a job. 

Over the years, I've mellowed a bit.  I have come to understand that each of us has a different set of values.  If one does not value his time and class, then it is up to him to obtain the information and learn the material some other way.  When I feel myself becoming bothered by a student's tardiness, I say to myself, "It's on him". 

Please don't get me wrong.  I do sometimes have discussions with students who are repeat offenders.  But for the most part, I consider that they are adults who must take responsibility for their own actions.  For me, it is a less stressful way of being.  I save most of my energy for the motivated students who want to learn.

 Happy teaching,


I too enjoyed this course.  After being away from teaching for nearly a decade, I needed the review.  The information was presented in a way that was easy to follow.  It was easy to be engaged in the learning process.  The video's were helpful.  I have utilized some of the tips already.  For example, I arrive to class early and focus on recognizing and remembering student's names.  It is a good feeling to know they are happy when I address them by name.

I learned so much from this course.  Reading the comments also shows the dedication that many instructors have and it gives me a greater appreciation for instructors who do their jobs very well.

For myself, being a new instructor, the info provided me with great confidence in my approach to the students.

I also enjoyed this course. It really added to my instructional skill set, and gave me the opportunity to analyze new modes of instruction.  

Jennifer helped me with the test. I missed only 3 and 2 were her fault.

The information in ED101 was a good refresher to keep me focused on the needs of the student. Each student has there own agenda and it is my responsibility to set clear instructions on how to accomplish objectives. Getting off to a good start is important as it will tend to improve retetion. Most students I've taught appreciate an instructor that is thourough in explaining expectations. Appealing to the different types of learners is a constant consideration when interacting with the class. Teaching is fun as long as it is fun for both student and instructor.




I think I have learned a lot about organizational skills in ED 101.  I became a career college instructor without any formal education in teaching.  I have felt comfortable and competent in my skills because I am teaching what I did for a career for 18 years.  However, I have felt unprepared to prepare for my lectures or anticipating questions from the students.  I hope I will apply what I learned here and feel a little more prepared.

Overall I thought this course was adequate and provided some good learning for a newer instructor. I do have to say that I don't agree with all of the quiz questions however and it would be nice ot have an easier way to give feedback/ contest answers. This is an option we often provide for our students, would love to see it here.

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