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ED104 Late assignments

As an accountant, I still struggle with allowing late assignments.  If the deadline is 11:59 and I accept work at 12:05 what about people who work during the night?  I also ensure students have the information necessary to work ahead if they wish.  I feel drawing the line enables me to be fair to all students (unless there is a death or hospitalization).

I read with interest your comments about accepting late assignments. I have
found in teaching that there are sometimes special circumstances that allow
for a late assignment, however to your point, where does one draw the line?
Once an instructor permits late work it is hard to reinforce the importance
of timely submission - being penalized for late work may be a hard lesson to
learn, but the professional workforce is far less forgiving than the
classroom and we owe it to our students to prepare them in these workplace
performance skills.

There are also time zones to consider when teaching online classes that make it more difficult to "draw the lines" unless you are very clear in setting the expectation up front and identifying whether the deadline is based on Eastern time, etc.

I really emphasize to students the importance of submitting assignments, projects, and homework in on time.  The student should be held accountable to submission dates, I pratice this currently and it works really well. 

I stress how important it is to make deadlines. My students still struggle getting assignments in on time. I then came up with having a fun and food night when big assigments are due and it works. They turned in their research paper on time

I like Kathi's idea of food and fun night!  My policy is to not accept late assignment.  That being said I have made exceptions to the policy.  If a student notifies me that they have an issue causing them to turn in assignments late I will allow it with a reduction in their final grade.  If they do not personally approach me about late work they just get a zero.  I reward the students who approach me with problems.  I do not want them to think that they cannot come to me.  My employer lets me approach him with concerns or issues that may affect my job and I do the same for my students.  If they show me enough respect to explain why they are unable to complete a task I required I feel I should reward their honest somehow.

Students who submit assignment late, should be aware of the policy for late assignment and expect that the rules will apply no matter what the surcomstancies. This statement may seem none leanent but the way you start with policy is the way you will end. Each circumstance will get harder and harder if rules are not adhered to. It is important that standard are kept and that the rules apply to all in the class.

I struggle as well with enforcing the late assignment rule.  As Mr. Hollowell stated so well, "the professional workforce is less forgiving than the classroom" and I constantly remind my class the importance of handing assignments in on time.  I am a Criminal Justice instructor and I really "beat it" into their heads the importance about late and incomplete reports and case documents which can result in the bad guys being released; all because of laziness on an officer's part. Our institution does mid-term grade evaluations to help the student recognize and overcome any deficiencies and included on the form is an area for missed assignments.  If they have any missed assignments up to that point, I will note it and they have a chance to submit before the end of the term.  I will remind a student one time and after that if they do not submit it by the end of the term, they receive a zero.

There a lot of students who are juggling many responsibilities - children - full-time jobs & school... I think it is important to be aware of those students who have a lot of life responsibilities...

It is hard when you have children and work, but they must understand that they must steal do the work.

Motivation levels of my students to complete assignments on time have been getting lower and lower.  They all think the rules do not apply to them.

Everybody has responsibilities in addition to taking courses and being enrolled in school. Depending on the level of maturity with the students it sometimes helps to remind them that school should be one of their top priorites.  It seems obvious to us, but sometimes it helps to give a friendly reminder.

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