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It was a great training. It confirmed how good I was managing and applying my experienced as a Educator. However learn another way how to handling angry and fustrate students.  This course provided an excellent guide and information.  The instructinal design of the course was very supportive and engaging.

It was an interesting experience.  I am already doing ED104 material in the classroom.  A few of the situations I have not experienced yet.  I believe proper advance planning and prep will address most future issues and the way in which they will be handled.  I especially enjoyed the Harvard Business videos.  Lots of good reminders of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO!  In the business enviroment, I received much of this type of training over 15 years ago.  The material is very similar to what I have been exposed to.  The only real difference is that this information has been targeted and delivered especially for educators.


I too enjoyed the Harvard Business videos. I thought they provided a great deal of insight and vital information to the classroom.

Sara Donevant

This has been a great learning oppertunity for me as an instructor.  I have taken many things into my classroom already and look forward to watching my teaching abilities grow. 


I enjoyed my training.  I think any training is beneficial and helpful.  

I found ED104 course very beneficial.  I also felt the content and presentation of the material was done very professionally.

I appreciate the identification of challenges that affect instructors. Some of the examples validate what actually happens in class, and gives perspective on the issues. Thank you!

Some of the material is common sense, e.g. not airing your personal problems, complaining about the campus or other instructors.  However, I probably learned that the hard way by being in the business world, prior to teaching.  And certainly all new instructors may not have experienced the eventual bad that is sure to come, by commiting these sins.

I especially like the Harvard professors, their commitment to excellence, and reaching every student.  "They are all in the club".

I enjoyed the class, but would like to see more consideration of distance learning and video oriented learning.

Roy R.

I have taken many online courses.  I liked this one because it was well organized and streamlined.  The information was relevant and not repetitive; which drives me nuts.  I also took a couple of the RT classes, those were excellent.

I enjoyed the training!  I especially like the clips that are incorporated in amongst the reading!



I enjoyed the video clips also, along with having the pre-questions and quizes along the way to reinforce the learning.  It allowed me to see where and why my answer to a particular question was wrong and to learn from it.  The overall layout and flow makes it effective.

104 has got to be the best yet for me. It has added insight as well as new knowledge for me as an instructor of culinary arts. To help gain attention of some students that are hands on and tend to zone out during lesture time. It was just awesome.

Your absolutely hit the nail on the head with the zoning out of students at times.  I especially enjoyed the mini lectures from Harvard from esteemed professors on how to keep the students engaged in class. 

I enjoyed the course.  The material will be helpful in working with students.  I know that sometimes it is hard to come up with a great way to assist students with complaints on the spot, I think having them write them down and submit them is wonderful!  I'm really looking forward to implementing many of the educational tools in my work day.

I enjoyed this course. Teaching for less than a year, this will help me grow as an educator. I really enjoyed the Harvard professors discussing these issues with their classes, also.

I wish there was more content to relate to students who have a lot of "Hands on" training. I have noticed a large differance in the behavior of students when leaving a "theory" type of class and entering a "hands on" training group.

I really enjoyed this course. I love teaching and sometimes it's disenheartening when you feel a student is bored or just doesn't seem all that interested in what you're teaching them. It's human nature to personalize this and feel like it's your fault ... you're not stimulating enough, your teaching style is boring, etc ...

But this course really helped me objectively approach this issue and figure out the best way to address a student who doesn't seem particularily engaged.

With all due respect, I find the Max knowledge website user unfriendly in which to navigate . . .  especially when I go to participate in discussion groups,  threads or simply re-login to complete courses that I'm currently enrolled in . . . when one has taken mandatory compliance courses along with educational courses, there's obviously different links sent via different e-notification which take the user to different web pages, then attempting to find one's way around to the correct site is a challenge in it's self!

The weblink would best be served to take the user back to his/her own home site, then allowing access to 1) all the courses in which a person is enrolled, 2) the discussion groups in which they're a member of or 3) the threads in which they're currently participating in, all of which should be placed in a convenient conspicuously located area of the home page. The less frequently used applications should be placed in less conspicuous areas and those not used should be scheduled for removal upon the next website evaluation and renovation.

 There's and old adage in education . . .  KIS (Keep it simple)!


Thanks for your excellent feedback George! I completely agree with you about KIS. The focus for our users should be on training, not trying to figure out which link goes where. MaxKnowledge powers many different program sites and training portals (including private, institutional portals). Currently, users that are active in several programs or training portals need to navigate through the different sites. However, we are working on a system that will allow users to log into any site and get relevant links and information to any courses or programs they are participating in across the board.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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