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Enjoyed ED104

ED104 was a great class.  I especially enjoyed the material on how to get students to participate and how to manage different types of students.  I can recognize many of these behaviors in my students and it helps to have tools to be able to encourage all of my students.

I agree Shawn.  I found ED104 very challenging as I sometimes became frustrated on how to handle some challenging students.  The strategies were very helpful and I feel more confident in handling these behaviors in the future.  I enjoyed module 4 as I found myself making some of the mistakes addressed in this section.  I think courses like this to assist teachers, especially first time instructors like myself are so helpful.  I may be an expert in my particular discipline but I also need to be a well rounded instructor as well.

I also agree with the two of you on how informative and helpful this material was in this course.  I not only enlightened me, but also help reinforce some very good techniques to assist me in class with the variety of students as well as the variety of situations we all encounter.

I agree it that it was a good course. It gave good information on late assignments. I also like the ideas it gave to make the syllabus more interesting and how to get the students attention. I agree with the examples it gave on how to get the silent students to participate by putting them in small groups. The last thing we want to do is to call some one out and make them feel uncomfortable.

I totally agree with the others.  I found this module very helpful, especially in the Forum area where you hear from others experiencing the same issues.  One of the best learning tools for any instructor is to observe others in the classroom.  I try to sit in on as many of my colleagues' classes as I can, even if only for 30 minutes or an hour.  It's amazing what you can learn from watching someone else teach!

This class was very informative it gave me some new creative ways to work with students on all levels I plan on applying what Ive learned to my classroom

This course was very informative and gave me different ways to work with students on different levels. How important it is to get to know the student and let them get to know you. I also agree that the more prepared you are the more you project a good positive air with the students 

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