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Student Empowerment Profiled | Origin: ED144

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Student Empowerment for Learning Success --> Student Empowerment Profiled

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Great information. This section really makes me feel that I should keep changeing up the way I teach to help students

great info

I really want to include more group activities to help cultivate this learning module next term

I learned it is important to help students be reponsible for their own learning by using tactics/assignments that relate to the real world. 


students neeed to have input into their own learning

Vaulable info that I will use in my course

Personal investment in ones success is greater when the student has genuine engagement. Empowerment by allowing the student to participate in their learning process and decisions can lead to this engagement.

Instructors should know what and how to teach, how to deliver the subject matter so yhat students will get motivated, get involved, and then they will learn how to value EDUCATION


I attempt to share the full picture of the program with the students, so they understand that they are learning the program in its entirety, not just one course.


I will use real world experiences to teach the material by speaking to the students as if they are already in the field.

The first thing I do is find the individual strenghts of my students. I will then ask certain students questions to answer aloud that I already know they know the answers to. That way, it builds confidence in them without them even knowing it.

Engaging students in the learning process with real-world examples will lead to student investment -- which is criticial for the development of student empowerment-- students need to take resposibility for themselves & their future career success.

Engaging the students and allowing them to understand the importance of the material will self motivate the student into applying themselves.


Difference between empowerment and ownership


In an online or blended education world, ownership makes the virtual classroom more vital. In a physical classroom, it is easy to bring distracted students back as ownership grows. Virtual classrooms require more energy and mathods to develop owndership.

In our on-line enviornement we as teachers should continue to use real life experiences coorelated with in the curriculum in order to engage the students better. In the end teaching accountability is important in maintaining the classroom ingegrity and molding all future healthcare students for success. 

Teachers can use student empowerment activities to help learners feel engaged in the classroom. Engagement is a critical step in student empowerment, ensuring students have a say in their education. Whether it’s as simple as voicing if they liked a book or as intense as forming test questions for their peers, student engagement leads to feelings of empowerment.

Need to emphasize he students taking ownership of their learning and application


The more the student takes responisbility for the material to be learned the more "ownership" they will take.


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