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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Motivating Adult students.

This training has been very helpful in giving tips such as waiting to give the instructor time to respond better and also motivating students with rewards from time to time but not overdoing it and helping students maintain security and autonomy in different ways.


great philosopher Nietzsche once said, “he who has a why can bear almost any how.” 

 I love this quote and easily apply it to how I practice nursing and how I aim to teach the nursing students.

Why action plans are important?

Action plans are very motivating to students' learning because they increase both students' security and autonomy and can motivate students to succeed to the highest level of achieving their goals.

Sticking to the plan

I found this video very helpful. I have often felt unfulfilled when I don't complete a lesson I planned. Now I am able to make adjustments and be more flexible. The process acts as an assessment for the present class and a guideline for the next.


Motivating students, being enthusiastic about the content, showing empathy, and showing the students I care about their success in the course are positive ways to enhance the learning experience and retention.

Turn Training Into Performance

Challenges in remembering the student's names will be a task that I want to overcome.  I am good with faces but connecting the names is difficult.  I will have to associate the student's life experiences and study their profile before the course begins.  This is one of the examples used in the youtube video. 

Student Retention Method

I learned al lot in this class. The key is encouraging the students by allowing them to integrate their experiential knowledge with the content of the course. In this way, it increase theri retention of the cours content. It also allows the student to build up confidence when educators give them immediate feedback. My action plan is to learn more about strategies in allowing the students to do this without affecting the course discussion time.

Advising policies.

It is an eye opening to know how important and advising is to retain a student. it is more than a policy at my instutution.

Student Retention

We were all students once. I like how this module rewires us to be on the other side with considerateness

Keep Students Engaged

Keep students motovated in these difficult times.


I strive to be the best instructor I can be.  That means motivating the hardest to reach.  Thanks for the info.  

Students should feel secured and be motivated in class

Instructors can motivate adult students by enhance security and autonomy in the classroom

Insightful guidance


I am grateful for the guidance, inspiration and resources available to help inspire and provide more opportunities for growth. I am grateful for the slides, video and audio options that were provided in the material.­­­­­

empathy and understanding

Learning is a two way street. I like it when i was able to understand where my student are coming from. It may take time but it is worth listening. When you listen, not only did they able to respect you but more so, they able to return such respect and become engage in the subject matter that was being thought.



Motivating students

Providing autonomy and security forms the building blocks that allow student motivation to flourish. Regular feedback and encouragement go a long way in reinforcing students' motivation to succeed in class.

Verbal praise

The more I verbally praise a student in front of their peers they strive to keep a high level of competance. Critisism is always done privately but I phrase it as how to do it better next time.


Making the class fun, keeping them engaged, and being consistent will keep them interested and wanting more. I like to speed time them, play cosmetology hangman and charades. 

Student Retention!

This Course help me get ideas on Student retention! I wrote down a few strategies that i will defintly need to try. I was happy to see a few ideas on there that i had already implemented into our classes. Thank you

Valuable Information

I feel this course had good ideas and strategies for engaging students.  It will change how I think about this topic and provide assistance in developing new activities.