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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Best Practice make Perfect.

Its the first impression and the way you implement the stratagies that makes the classroom and nice enviorment/ culture.


This lesson has taught me to remember that the students may have a different perspective about learning than mine.

Motivation of students

Being motivated to the student has always be my goal, but from modal Ed102 I have realize that I need to reboost myself sometime in the course of teaching.  Student can be stimulated only if the instructor is truely engaged.  My challenge to myself is to set goals to remotivate myself when my energy get low in the course of a class.

Active and Passive Listening

I am usually quick to respond to students questions, however this module discussing students as the customer reminds staff and faculty to use their therapeutic communication skills. We should be pausing and asking open ended questions prior to responding to our students. This demonstrates a caring attitude and genuine interest in their education.


i will use this in class for compatition 

Student retention action plan

I completely agree with the idea that we need to demonstrate the connection between what we are teaching and the students' future careers. As a math teacher, it is easy to fall into a flow of just teaching math, but students really do appreciate understanding how they will use the math later. The challenge is that some of the math is in the curriculum to allow them to continue with their studies if they choose to go to a traditional university and take algebra 1 so it does not have a career application beyond "you might need this if...". I… >>>


Modeling the way is key in helping students to learn professionalism.

I will ensure that my syllabus has clarity and that I demonstrate enthusiam in presentation of material and provide various educational methodologies. 

Application of course materials in the classroom

Motivation, I agree, is key to the intrests of student and instructor. The most effective courses in my educational career came from instructors who knew our names, check for understanding and creatively found ways for the class to effectively apply the material we were learning in a practical and immediate way. Their deliveries of their respective content made an enormous difference compared to other instructors ineffective approach to presenting the materials. I can only hope to pay my currents students forward with the passion and clarity that my instructors provided for me.

intrinsic motivation

Help a student become confident and motivated through reinforcement


I tend to use a lot of repetition in the presentation of the material presented in the courses I teach.  To prevent my students from becoming bored from grappling material the same way day in and day out, I try to provide them with the opportunity to select topics and activities within the scope of the assignment that interests them. In this way, students get to explore and express their talents and interests.  The result is a more self-motivated student.

What have been your experiences in regards to this topic?

Keeping students motivated is key.

I teach evening classes and the content of this last class completely applies to my students. Many of them come straight from work and are already exhausted. Keeping them motivated and understanding their circumstances is always challenging. I always keep encouraging them by letting them know that it will enhance their career outlook.

Action Plan

I intend to put into practice much of what I learned. It's time to incorporate new ideas into the teaching process.

Adult learners

When teaching adult learners it is imperative we acknowledge the additional responsibilities present in their lives as they are participants in our classrooms. Allowing them to work on material in digestible bits and to allow them to reflect and even revisit content as they think throug the information and at the same time handle responsbilities.

Action plan

Incorporate inmediately many skills that will improve my teaching techniques

Doris R. Owens

In my extended time in teaching I find myself to be motivated to learn as much as I can to share with my students.  Keeping a positive attitude about my profession keeps me motivated to learn more in the medical field to prepare my student for long and short term goals.  Students are encouraged to study and always be prepared to learn new topics.  To encourage study habits student are put into groups to do fill-ins, matching, and word motivaiton.  Students will do different hands on skills with verbal resonses for the answers.  A student taking their final exam is… >>>

Bringing the human aspect to teaching

We all love to teach and sometimes we become very mechanical in our lectures. Students get bored and we loose our mojo. It is very important to remind ourselves of the time we were attending classes and what we loved and hated from our experiences. Make your class that class that students talk about, the one they love to attend, the one they feel as it needed to be longer. Laugh, talk, allow the students to speak in class and be part of the class.

Doris R. Owens

I agree with Malcolm Knowles, that adult learners bring a unique approach to the classroom.  Topics in the classroom that are related to their everyday life experience is good for them but more is needed to keep their attention to go further in their life career.  Adult students today have a short retention span and have to be encouraged to see their success in what they want to achieve.  I find that the adult students in the Post-Secondary School have to be reminded of everyday life morals and ethics.  They have to be remined that they are about to make… >>>

Doris R. Owens

The information on intrinsic and extrinsic was very interesting.  I learned a lot about the differences of both.  Information was informative.

About Learning...

Learning is a process. I am going to apply several of the suggestions in the course, from having feedback cards for the students on several assignments, to create emergencies and have the students create solutions. I hope to be a better educator and show my enthusiasm each day to motivate, retain and help my students achieve their professional goals.   

Enthusiasm and empathy!!!

Our young students need our enthusiasm, commitment and empathy, as they are living exciting, but difficult times!!!